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Best 08 Places To Visit In Christmas Vacations With Family

Best Places Christmas Vacations

During the holidays, this beautiful town lights up with festive decorations and is home to several events. Guests can enjoy ice skating, strolling carolers and even Santa’s train.

The Best Places For Christmas Vacations

The Best Places for Christmas Vacations

December is a magical time to travel and experience the holiday spirit from a truly global perspective. From the ice-covered streets of Chicago to the snow-capped mountains in Denver, there are plenty of amazing destinations for you and your family to visit this Christmas.


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Washington DC

The United States capital is a magical destination at any time of the year, but especially during the holidays! With the city lit up in bright lights and festive events like the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall and New York’s Nutcracker ballet, there is something for everyone.

Christmas Vacations
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The historic and enchanting city of Philadelphia is one of America’s most beloved holiday towns, and it’s definitely worth visiting for a Christmas vacation. From horse-drawn carriage rides to Christmas light displays, there are a multitude of festive activities and attractions to enjoy during your stay in this picturesque city.


The state capital of Massachusetts is home to a number of fun holiday events, such as the annual Lighted Boat Parade, that make it a great place to celebrate the holidays. This city also boasts a number of unique attractions and restaurants that will keep your family happy all throughout the holiday season!

Los Angeles

Combining sunny weather, dazzling theme parks and festive attractions, Los Angeles is one of the top Christmas vacation spots in the US. With a plethora of hotels and attractions in the heart of the city, there is no shortage of ways to have a fabulous time with the whole family!

Lapland, Finland #1

One of the world’s few truly Arctic regions, Lapland is a winter wonderland that will make you feel like you’re in a fairytale. Located deep into the Arctic Circle, this magical area is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights and enjoy some unique activities like dog sledding or reindeer sleigh rides.

There’s also plenty to do in the area if you love skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing. There are several ski resorts in Finnish Lapland, including Yllas, Levi, Pallas, Suomu, Pyha and Ruka. In the fall, Lapland’s forests are at their most beautiful and can be explored by walking or cycling.

Christmas Vacations

They’re a mix of coniferous and hardwood trees, which creates a beautiful jumble of colors. If you’re looking to take a break from the chilly winter weather, try a sauna in a traditional smoke sauna.

This is a popular activity in Finland and you can find many saunas in Lapland. Another relaxing activity in Lapland is visiting an ice hotel. These are rooms built entirely out of ice and snow. This is a very unique experience and a must-try if you’re in Lapland!

Area100,367 km²
Population1.79 lakhs (2019)
Clubs and Teams FC Santa Claus, RoPS, Rovaniemen Kiekko, MORE

New York City, USA #2

New York City is packed with world-class attractions and must-see sights that will keep you entertained and mesmerized on your holiday trip. From soaring skyscrapers to bustling arts and fashion scenes, it has something for everyone.

If you’re an art lover, don’t miss the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which houses works by Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Raphael. It’s one of the best museums in the world and has a pay-what-you-wish entrance fee, so it won’t break your budget.

Its collection of rare curiosities and relics will leave you speechless. The MET is also home to a jaw-dropping collection of paintings, including Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Raphael’s La Persistence de Mourne.

Whether you’re an avid theater goer or just enjoy the magic of watching a show on the stage, Broadway is a must-see on any vacation in NYC. Located in Times Square, it’s the biggest tourist attraction in the city and a must for any fan of shows and music.

There are other iconic New York sights to see as well, from the Empire State Building to One World Observatory. You can take a free Staten Island Ferry for stunning views, stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge or visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

Population84.7 lakhs (2021)
Area codesArea code 212, Area code 917, Area code 718, Area code 646
Weather 5 °C, Wind NE at 11 km/h

The Vatican, Italy #3

If you’re looking for a tiny country filled with awe-inspiring art, history and architecture, then the Vatican Italy is your destination. A trip to this tiny country will be the most memorable experience of your life.

To start your journey, you’ll want to check out the magnificent galleries of the Vatican Museums. These museums contain a collection of over twenty thousand pieces of artwork. Despite their huge size, they are well laid out and provide a stunning atmosphere as you walk through the halls.

The museums have a range of exhibits from the Renaissance period and even include works of art from Egypt. If you’re an Art History buff, you won’t want to miss out on this incredible collection of paintings and sculptures! After visiting the museums, make sure to have a walk in the beautiful gardens of the Vatican.

These gardens are home to a number of fountains and water features. Another must-visit landmark in Rome is the Ponte Sant’ Angelo, a bridge that was constructed in the second century by Emperor Hadrian. This bridge is often depicted in photos at night and is decorated with beautiful bronze statues on either end.

Total Area49 hectares (121 acres)
population 453

Amsterdam, Netherlands #4

Amsterdam Netherlands is a vibrant city that offers everything from art galleries to world-class shopping. It also features historic canals and narrow houses with gabled facades, a legacy of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age. One of the best ways to explore the city is by bike.

The city is home to many beautiful bike paths, and you can hire bicycles or use your own. Another way to get a taste of Dutch history is by visiting Zaanse Schans, an open-air museum featuring windmills and Dutch houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. It’s a great place to learn more about Dutch life and its heritage, and it’s easy to get there by train.

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, Amsterdam is also home to an unusual attraction called the Over the Edge swing. Located in the A’DAM Tower, this 100m high void — a former office building for Shell — is a fun ride for thrill seekers who like to swing from side to side.

Weather4 °C, Wind E at 21 km/h
Population8.22 lakhs (2015) 
Area219.3 km²

Munich, Germany #5

The capital of Bavaria, Munich has a lot to offer visitors. From centuries-old architecture and world-class museums to exquisite royal palaces, the city is a pulsing center of history and culture.

One of the highlights of visiting this beautiful city is its Christmas Markets. From the last week in November until December 24th, markets are set up in many of the city’s parks and squares. Featuring all the usual Christmas favorites, these are a must-see on any visit to this part of Germany.

Marienplatz is the center of town, and a highlight for many tourists is the Neo-Gothic Neues Rathaus (town hall) that sits in the middle of the square. It’s a highly ornate building with spires and statues, but what draws the crowds is its glockenspiel show that reenacts old Bavarian stories.

Another iconic attraction is the St. Peter’s Church, which features a mix of Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque architectural styles. Inside, you’ll find a golden Christ figure hung from the ceiling and numerous paintings by Lukas Cranach the Elder.

Weather3 °C, Wind NE at 10 km/h
Population14.7 lakhs (2019)
Area 310.7 km²

Prague, Czech Republic #6

Prague is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to eye-catching monuments and buildings of varying styles of architecture. The Czech capital has something for everyone, from medieval castles and soaring Gothic towers to Baroque churches and Renaissance buildings.

You’ll also find plenty of art galleries and museums. The National Technical Museum offers free admission, while the Museum of Decorative Arts (Mid Praha) has a number of interesting exhibits on display.

For a unique perspective on the city’s past, take a walk to the Olsany Cemetery where you’ll discover the final resting place of countless plague victims. You’ll also want to see the ossuary in Kutna Hora, which has been turned into a surreal spectacle by artists who used human bones as a form of decoration.

While in Prague, make sure to catch an outdoor movie at MeetFactory, a contemporary art space with a huge yard that hosts films throughout the summer. It’s a great way to spend an evening with friends or family!

Population13.1 lakhs (2019)
Area496.2 km²
Founded 8th century
NeighborhoodsOld Town, Chodov, Vinohrady, Smíchov, MORE

Dublin, Ireland #7

If you’re looking for a truly magical Christmas vacation, Dublin Ireland is the place to go. Its cozy atmosphere and friendly people make it the perfect place to spend this holiday season.

One of the city’s most iconic places to stroll around is the Temple Bar area, where you can find many pubs and multicuisine restaurants that are decorated for the festive season. They also have a wide range of Christmas stalls with live music.

Another popular place to enjoy a festive stroll is Grafton Street, which is draped in lights that wish you Nollaig Shona (Merry Christmas) in Irish. It’s a great place to take a stroll with your family and enjoy the Christmas cheer!

If you’re traveling with your kids, there are plenty of things to do in Dublin Ireland. You can enjoy a trip to the Little Museum of Dublin to learn about the city’s history or check out a pantomime for some Christmas laughs!

Weather11 °C, Wind SE at 21 km/h
Population5.44 lakhs (2016)
Neighborhoods Temple Bar, Tallaght, Finglas, Blanchardstown, MORE
Area117.8 km²

Zurich, Switzerland #8

The thriving city of Zurich is a popular destination for travelers from across the world. It is the largest and wealthiest metropolis in Switzerland and offers a variety of exciting things to do, from swimming in Lake Zurich to exploring art galleries or catching a live show.

It’s also a great place to visit at Christmas, when local markets and streets are filled with stalls selling holiday foods, gifts, decorations and works by local artisans. You can even take a walking tour of the Old Town to see its stunning medieval architecture and winding cobblestone alleys.

For those who love art, the Museum of Art is a must-visit. This renowned museum houses one of the most significant collections of Swiss art. It includes a wide range of works by prominent artists, including van Gogh, Edvard Munch and Marc Chagall.

The Karlsturm tower is another popular landmark in the Zurich skyline and offers a fantastic panoramic view of the city. You can climb the 187 steps up to the top of the tower for some spectacular views. From here, you can also get a good view of the Fraumunster church on the other side of the Limmat River.

Weather 4 °C, Wind NE at 13 km/h
Population4.03 lakhs (2017)
Area87.88 km²
NeighborhoodsBahnhofstrasse, Niederdorf, Letten, Fraumünster, City, Langstrasse, Zürichberg, Altstadt

FAQs about Christmas Vacations

What are 5 interesting facts about Christmas?

1. The tradition of hanging stockings comes from the story of St. Nicholas leaving gold in the stockings of three poor sisters.
2. The first artificial Christmas tree was made in Germany using dyed goose feathers.
3. The word “Xmas” has been used since the 16th century and is not a modern abbreviation, with “X” representing the Greek letter “Chi”, an abbreviation for Christ.
4. The famous Christmas carol “Jingle Bells” was originally written for Thanksgiving, not Christmas.
5. In Japan, it’s a popular tradition to eat fried chicken on Christmas day, with some people even pre-ordering their meals months in advance.

What is unique about Christmas?

Christmas is a unique holiday celebrated worldwide that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s a time when people come together to exchange gifts, enjoy festive food, and participate in traditions that vary from country to country, such as decorating Christmas trees, attending church services, and singing carols. The holiday also inspires acts of generosity, goodwill, and kindness towards others.

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