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Wyoming: The Best 8 Places To Live In Wyoming For Families

Wyoming is a gem of a state with its roving bison herds, gorgeous mountains, sweeping plains and plenty of rodeos. It’s also home to one of the cheapest U.S. cities for early retirement and the world’s biggest outdoor rodeo.

Attractions To Live In Wyoming

The Top 5 Pros to Live In Wyoming

1. This is a Beautiful State with No Overcrowding
One of the biggest pros of living in Wyoming is that you get to enjoy the great outdoors. With world-class National Parks, majestic mountain ranges and plenty of space for hiking, biking, skiing and other outdoor pursuits, Wyoming has something to offer everyone.

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2. It’s Tax-Friendly

Another huge pro of living in Wyoming is that it’s very affordable. The state has no state income tax, and the combined local and state sales taxes are below average as well.

3. It’s Family-Friendly

Those who are looking for a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere will love living in Wyoming. With its thriving culture and great schools, residents can enjoy a healthy, vibrant community with a high quality of life.

Live In Wyoming
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4. It’s Easy to Travel

The low population density means that traffic is a lot lighter in Wyoming, making it much easier to get around and explore this vast state. With a good transportation infrastructure and low levels of pollution, you won’t have to worry about congestion.

5. It’s Full of Wildlife

Wyoming is known for its wildlife, including black bears, grizzly bears, wolves, bison and more. That said, it’s always best to be aware and practice common sense when out in nature, especially during the winter months.

Despite the state’s small population, it boasts a strong academic record, a mineral and tourism-driven economy, and one of the cheapest costs of living in the country. Its tax systems are friendly too.

South Park #1

South Park is a small town in Teton County, Wyoming. It is a great choice for families who want to enjoy all that the state has to offer. It is located close to Jackson Hole, which is known for its scenic beauty. It is also within easy reach of Yellowstone National Park, making it the perfect location for an outdoor adventure.

Unlike many of the larger towns in the area, South Park is a quiet place to live. It is known for its large number of tree lined streets and well maintained parks. It is also home to some of Sheridan’s most popular amenities including the Sheridan Museum of Art and the Sheridan Memorial Library.

Live In Wyoming
Teton County, Wyoming, United States

If you are looking for the best way to experience all that South Park has to offer, consider a stay at one of its many vacation rentals. You’ll get the most out of your trip by staying in a property that allows you to truly relax and unwind.

The best rentals in South Park typically come with a variety of amenities, such as a pool or hot tub, kitchens, and multiple bedrooms. The best part is that you can pick and choose the home that is most suitable for your needs, budget and preferences.

Rafter J Ranch #2

Rafter J Ranch is a great place to live in Wyoming if you love being outdoors, hiking, skiing and exploring.

This 600-acre neighborhood in Jackson Hole features 60 percent open space and 40 percent tight-knit community. Residents can also enjoy a variety of amenities and activities like swimming, tennis courts, a recreation center and more.

The community is close to shopping, restaurants and other businesses. The weather in Rafter J Ranch is relatively mild throughout the year. The temperature averages around 69degF. Rainfall in Rafter J Ranch is fairly common during the year, with a sliding 31-day rainfall accumulated on average.

2951 Big Trail Drive, Jackson, WY 83001

The most rain falls in May and the least in January. The monthly average humidity in Rafter J Ranch does not vary significantly over the course of the year. It remains within a range of 0% to 60% throughout the year.

Cody #3

Cody, Wyoming is the gateway to Yellowstone National Park and is one of America’s most exciting western towns.

Its Old West legacy, majestic mountains and heart-pumping rodeos are sure to keep you entertained in this historic town. Affordability and a community-based approach to living have positioned Cody as a great place to live for many.

Its low property prices and excellent schools mean it’s an ideal option for families looking to raise their kids in a safe and friendly community. It’s also a good choice for those wanting to be close to the airport. It’s home to Yellowstone Regional Airport, a well-rated airport that is easily accessible from the city center.


The city’s famous mural is another must-see attraction in Cody, a colorful painting depicting the history of the Mormon pioneers who settled in Wyoming. There’s also a museum that pays tribute to the Japanese-Americans who lived in the area during World War II.

A fun and educational way to get a feel for the area is by taking a Cody Trolley Tour. This cute, old-timey trolley will take you around main streets and major attractions like the Old Trail Town, rodeo, and Cody Mural and Museum.

Laramie #4

Laramie, the third largest city in Wyoming, is home to a nationally ranked university and is known for its proximity to the Medicine Bow Mountains. It’s also home to historic landmarks, including the Ivinson Mansion and Territorial Prison.

The city’s downtown is a fun place to explore, and it has plenty of great restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an authentic American breakfast or something a little more upscale, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Laramie.

1600 S 2ND ST LARAMIE WY 82070-4464. USA

In addition to the history that abounds throughout the town, Laramie is known for its natural beauty. Those who love the outdoors can take advantage of hiking, fishing, camping and skiing in the surrounding area. If you’re a history buff, you’ll be glad to know that there are a variety of museums around the city that showcase a wide range of historical topics.

Visit the Laramie Plains Museum, the Ivinson Mansion and the Territorial Prison State Historical Site to learn about the early days of the town. The American Heritage Center and the university’s geology and art museums are also worth checking out.

Jackson #5

The town of Jackson is known for its western charm and natural beauty.

It is home to a wide range of attractions that attract visitors from all over the world. A true mountain town, Jackson is surrounded by dramatic peaks and open wildlands. It is also the gateway to Grand Teton National Park, which offers many outdoor activities during summer.

One of the best ways to experience the wildest side of Wyoming is by taking a rafting trip along the Snake River. Here, you can see wildlife like moose and elk up close and experience the stunning scenery that is so special to this area.

150 E Pearl Avenue Jackson WY 83001

When the sun sets in Wyoming, it is an enchanting sight that takes your breath away. The Curtis Canyon Overlook is a great place to watch the sunset and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Another top attraction in the area is the Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery.

Located near the National Elk Refuge, this museum features beautiful artworks that depict the natural landscape of Wyoming. Its collection of stunning photographs includes works by artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe and Andy Warhol.

Sheridan #6

Sheridan is a beautiful and historic town located in north central Wyoming, right between Yellowstone National Park and Cody. It has a unique cowboy vibe that combines history and wide-open spaces.

Sheridan offers modern hospitality with old-west charm. You’ll find 46 traditional buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, a magnificent backdrop of the Bighorn Mountains and a spirited cowboy culture that’s quintessentially Western.

1401 LEWIS ST SHERIDAN WY 82801-2716. USA

The town is a popular vacation destination, and it also hosts a variety of events like the Sheridan WYO Rodeo in mid-July. It’s a fun event for families with a lot of action and lively entertainment.

Sheridan has a diverse service economy including government, healthcare, education, mining and financial services. It also has a large number of small businesses. The city and its surrounding communities are also home to numerous nonprofit organizations.

Cheyenne #7

Cheyenne is a city that is known for its Western roots, and it is a great place to visit if you are looking to immerse yourself in the American West. The city offers a variety of Western themed public art, shops and museums. The town is also home to the Wyoming State Capitol, which has a beautiful domed roof that towers over 145 feet in the air.

The building is a National Historic Landmark, and it’s the perfect place to see for yourself how much Cheyenne loves its Old West heritage. You can also check out the Wyoming Historic Governors’ Mansion, which is free and open to all visitors. It is a museum that is full of interesting exhibits on different eras and cultures.


You can also take a tour of the Terry Bison Ranch, which is an excellent choice for families and friends looking to spend a day on the ranch. There are plenty of animals to meet, including bison and cattle, as well as horses, mules, donkeys and llamas. You can feed and pet the herds and even fish for your dinner at the fishing pond.

Lander #8

Located between the Wind River Mountains and the Shoshone National Forest, Lander is a destination that has it all.

It’s known as one of the best outdoor towns in America and is a gateway to the Wind River Mountains. It’s also known for rock climbing, and many different locations are available to sport climbers of all levels. There are also a number of local guides available to teach you how to get started or advance your skills.

375 ADAMS ST LANDER WY 82520-2275. USA

For those who want a taste of Native American culture, you can attend the Eagle Spirit Dancers’ performance every Wednesday night in the summer. This is an excellent chance to learn more about the history and culture of the Wind River Indian Reservation.

If you’re interested in shopping, there are several unique stores and art galleries to peruse. You can also find a variety of restaurants offering locally sourced foods and micro brews to satisfy your appetite.

FAQs about Live In Wyoming

Is Wyoming a good place to live in?

Wyoming can be a good place to live for those who value wide open spaces, low taxes, and outdoor recreation opportunities. The state also has a relatively strong economy in certain industries. However, the harsh climate, small population, and limited cultural amenities may not appeal to everyone. Ultimately, whether Wyoming is a good place to live depends on individual preferences and circumstances.

What are the benefits of living in Wyoming?

Wyoming offers several benefits such as no state income tax, low cost of living, and a strong economy in industries such as energy, tourism, and agriculture. The state also boasts stunning natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and numerous outdoor recreation opportunities. Additionally, Wyoming has a relatively low crime rate and a friendly, close-knit community feel.

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