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Best Delectable Food At California Fish Grill You Can Enjoy!

California Fish Grill is a fast-casual seafood restaurant that’s committed to liberating the love of seafood while respecting our oceans. The Orange County-based chain has about 45 locations in California, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Attractions In California Fish Grill

California Fish Grill serves responsibly sourced seafood that’s rated Best Choice or Good Alternative by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program or Eco-Certified by a third party. Its menu includes a variety of grilled, fried and bowl-style seafood dishes.

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The restaurant is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is available for takeout and delivery. The menu also includes vegan and vegetarian options, as well as a selection of meat-based meals.

Founded in 1998, California Fish Grill has been serving quality seafood at great prices to its loyal customers and their families since then. They offer a full line of fresh, flame-grilled seafood items, including Alaskan salmon, shrimp, tilapia and delta catfish.

California Fish Grill
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They offer a large number of side options, including salads, fries, vegetables and soups. They’re also proud to offer vegan and vegetarian options. California Fish Grill is a good choice for food lovers who are looking for something healthy, yet delicious and affordable.

They have a wide selection of grilled and fried seafood items, including sushi and poke bowls. They also serve a variety of meat and poultry dishes. If you’re in the area, give them a try! Visit their website to learn more about their menu. You can also order online and have your meal delivered to your home or office.

California Fish Grill is a fast-casual seafood restaurant that serves healthy, delicious seafood. They partner with reputable fisheries to serve wild-caught and farm-raised seafood rated Best Choice or Good Alternative by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

They have a wide range of grilled specialties, family meals, classics, California bowls, taco combos and starters, as well as salads. They also offer delivery and takeout.


The menu at California Fish Grill offers a variety of seafood options. The restaurant has a strong commitment to serving only wild-caught, farm-raised seafood that is rated Best Choice or Good Alternative by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program and Eco-Certified by a third party.

Their seafood is fresh and grilled to perfection, with a variety of sauces to choose from that are sure to please. They also have a variety of side dishes and salads, as well as vegan options. Among their menu favorites are their fried shrimp, which come regular or cajun.

These crispy battered pieces are served with white rice, dynamite sauce and cilantro. They also offer a selection of salads, including kale slaw and a fire-roasted street corn option. In addition, they offer a plethora of sides and desserts.

MEALSLunch, Dinner
FEATURESSeating, Wheelchair Accessible


Whether you want to host a casual dinner or an elaborate corporate event, California Fish Grill can cater for you. Their catering package serves a minimum of 20 people, but they can even accommodate more than a hundred guests – just ask them!

They offer a wide variety of seafood dishes, including their flame-grilled specialties. You can also get a variety of bowls, tacos, starters, sides, and salads. Their restaurant has been around since 1998 and they follow the slogan “Liberating the Love of Seafood.”

While this might sound like an oxymoron, they actually do it in a very real way by serving seafood that is responsibly sourced and sustainable. They work with a number of third-party Eco-Certified and Best Choice or Good Alternative options through the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program to ensure that you’re getting the freshest seafood possible.

They also use Restaurant365’s all-in-one accounting and inventory system to help them generate accurate profit-and-loss statements alongside actual-versus-theoretical analysis of labor and food that led them to save an estimated one percent on food costs.

Online Ordering

Whether you’re looking to order some of their signature grilled fish, a few tacos or are on the hunt for the newest and hottest appetizers, California Fish Grill has you covered. Using their mobile app or online ordering website, you can place your order with the click of a button and have your food delivered right to your door.

You can even choose from a variety of options including curbside delivery, pick up and more! There are a few other things they’re known for, and one of them is their impressive array of desserts. So, while you’re waiting for your order to arrive, try their ice cream concoctions for dessert.

You may also want to have a good look at their beer and wine selections. Regardless of what you’re in the mood for, they have you covered with their friendly staff and scrumptious menu. They even have a kids menu to keep your little ones happy and healthy.

Address2100 Arden Way Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95825, United States
Phone +1 916-520-1658


California Fish Grill is a counter-service restaurant centered around affordable-yet-sustainable seafood offerings. Its large menu includes grilled fish, hand-battered seafood dishes and salads. It also offers chowder and plant-based options.

The chain has 47 locations across California and Arizona. Its restaurants serve wild-caught and farm-raised seafood rated “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program or eco-certified by a third party.

A representative from the company said it plans to open a second Arizona location in Phoenix at 1743 E. Camelback Road off SR 51 in late spring.

California Fish Grill is rolling out Mobility’s Smart Message, a platform that lets the chain better connect with guests at each of its 47 locations through text messages. Using the program, the chain can tailor its text message content to each restaurant and update subscribers about menu and location changes immediately.

FAQs about California Fish Grill

How many restaurants does California Fish Grill have?

As of my knowledge cutoff date of 2021, California Fish Grill had approximately 40 locations in the United States, mostly in California but also in other states such as Arizona, Texas, and Idaho. However, it’s possible that this number may have changed since then.

What are the sauces at California Fish Grill?

California Fish Grill offers a variety of sauces to accompany their seafood dishes. Some of the most popular sauces include their signature Garlic Butter sauce, Cajun, Teriyaki, Chipotle Ranch, and Lemon Herb. They also offer Tartar sauce, Cocktail sauce, and Remoulade sauce, as well as hot sauce and lemon wedges for those who prefer a simpler flavor.

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