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08 The Best Places To Live In Colorado Spring Area

Colorado Spring

With its beautiful views, outdoor recreation options, great local schools and many kid-friendly activities, there is no doubt that Colorado Springs is one of the best places to live in the U.S. This area also has a high job market, low unemployment rate and affordable housing.

Attractions In Places To Live In Colorado Spring

Old Colorado City

Founded in 1859, Old Colorado City is an older neighborhood with plenty of charm and character. It’s known for its unique public art and a variety of locally owned boutiques and restaurants that offer a wide range of dining choices.


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Located just north of Garden of the Gods and home to Ute Valley Park, this northwest Colorado Springs neighborhood is a great choice for families who enjoy outdoor recreation. It is also known for its high-rated public and private schools.

Places To Live In Colorado Spring
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Woodmen Hills

When it comes to affordable homes in Colorado Springs, few neighborhoods are as green and pristine as Woodmen Hills. Featuring a golf course and plenty of parks, this community is a true haven for anyone looking to get outside and soak in the scenery.

Downtown Colorado Springs

If you want to get close to everything the city has to offer, you’ll find it in Downtown Colorado Springs. This vibrant area has a wide range of housing options to choose from, ranging from historic Craftsman homes and apartments to Ranch-style houses and townhomes.

It’s only an hour away from Denver, making it perfect for those who like to commute into the city. It is also a safe and well-developed neighborhood that offers ample shopping and restaurants, including an award-winning grocery store.

You will want to take into consideration things like how close you want to be to the mountains, how big of a lot you want, and how far you want to commute to work.

If you are looking for a place to live in Colorado Spring, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Gleneagle #1

Gleneagle is a quiet suburban neighborhood in Colorado Springs that showcases gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains. It’s an excellent choice for retirees and families who want a serene lifestyle near the best of Colorado Springs.

Located just across the street from the United States Air Force Academy, this scenic neighborhood features plenty of natural open space and well-manicured Fox Run Regional Park. The neighborhood also offers scenic trails for biking, hiking and horseback riding.

Places To Live In Colorado Spring

Residents of Gleneagle can take advantage of the area’s excellent schools and convenient shopping, dining and entertainment options. It’s also close to the Air Force Academy, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station and Fort Carson Army Base in El Paso County.

Weather in Gleneagle is generally pleasant all year round with average temperatures ranging from 17degF to 81degF. However, precipitation is fairly common with an average of 17.7 inches falling on the area each year. The most common type of precipitation is rain.

Elevation2,090 m
Population6,256 (2020)
Area6.068 km²
Weather6°C, Wind SE at 10 km/h
Area code Area code 719

Palmer Lake #2

The town of Palmer Lake is a small, rural community that offers residents a quiet place to live. It is surrounded by Pike National Forest and the Greenland Open Space Preserve. The main draw of the area is its picturesque lake, which is home to many wildlife species, including migrating waterfowl.

The lake is a popular place to go boating, fishing, and kayaking. You can also get some exercise and enjoy nature by hiking in the mountains. There are many trails that connect visitors and locals to the canyons and ridges of the surrounding mountains.

Another great way to spend a weekend in this beautiful part of the world is by staying at one of the many vacation rentals in or near Palmer Lake. There are lots of options to choose from, from large group vacation rentals for families and couples, to cozy cabins and luxury properties with views of the mountains and the lake.

For those looking for a unique place to eat, there are numerous restaurants in and around the city of Palmer Lake. Some of these include Bella Panini, a restaurant with a huge menu and an impressive array of wines and cocktails.

Weather7°C, Wind S at 14 km/h
Area 8.01 km²
Elevation 2,224 m
Area codeArea code 719
Population2,654 (2021)

Woodmoor #3

Woodmoor is one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, as it has some of the best public schools and low crime rates in the area. Additionally, this community is home to a high concentration of owner-occupied single family homes, which makes it a great place to raise a family.

This neighborhood is also a good choice for highly educated professionals, urban sophisticates and college students. The high number of families living here means that the school system is well-maintained and is able to deliver great results for its students.

Residents in Woodmoor are most likely to work in executive, management, and professional occupations. This is followed by sales and service jobs. Many of the working households in this neighborhood drive a private car, and most of them do so alone.

A small percentage of them also carpool with coworkers or friends. As a result, this neighborhood is not walkable. In fact, most residents here spend between 15 and 30 minutes commuting each way to work. This is much shorter than the national average.

Population8,474 (2020)
Elevation 2,225 m
Area 15.78 km²
Area code Area code 719
Weather 6°C, Wind S at 11 km/h

Black Forest #4

If you’re looking for a quiet, secluded area to live in, Black Forest is a great choice. It’s located north of Colorado Springs and is known for its dense ponderosa pine trees that offer a surreal landscape.

It’s also home to Black Forest Regional Park which is a 385-acre park that features turf playfields, tennis courts and two picnic pavilions that were built in natural openings of the forest. It’s a popular destination for hiking and is open year-round.

Hiking is a popular pastime in Black Forest and many of the trails are easy to hike. The best time to hike in the Black Forest area is during the summer when the landscape is dotted with wildflowers and there are plenty of shaded trails.

Black Forest has a rich history and is famous for being one of the few places in the world where paranormal activity is believed to be occurring. The Lee family, who lived in Black Forest in the 1990s, saw doors open and close by themselves, appliances turn on and off, objects disappear, alarms go off for no reason, shadowy figures, and disembodied voices.

Area260.8 km²
Elevation 2,309 m
Population13,103 (2020)
Weather6°C, Wind SE at 10 km/h
Area codeArea code 719

Monument #5

Monument is a small city that’s just a short drive from Colorado Springs and Castle Rock. It is home to one of the state’s most famous attractions, Pikes Peak, and has plenty of fun things to do for the whole family.

Hiking is an excellent way to see the natural beauty of the area, and Monument is home to a variety of trails. A popular hike is to the city’s namesake, Monument Rock, which is a 2.7-mile loop that’s easy enough for anyone to complete.

Another great place to hike is Pike National Forest, which is home to a variety of beautiful sites and offers year-round activities for all types of people. Camping is also a popular choice for those who want to escape the city and enjoy the fresh air.

If you’re interested in art, be sure to check out the Tri-Lakes Views public art project. Their first installation, “Ice Harvest,” is a series of reverse-painted acrylic blocks designed to reflect the history of ice harvesting in the area. You can learn more about it on their website.

Weather6°C, Wind S at 11 km/h
Elevation2,126 m
Population10,859 (2021)
Area17.9 km²
Area code 719

Manitou Springs #6

Manitou Springs is a hippie-era haven where tourists can enjoy outdoor cafes, art galleries and funky boutiques. Located off Highway 24 near the town of Colorado Springs, this unique mountain town has rejected urbanization and instead embraces its natural environment.

Its springs are imbued with the spirit of the Great Spirit Manitou, who inspired the Native American tribe that inhabited this area. It’s a popular destination for hikers and climbers who want to experience the stunning views and unique landscape of this area.

Shoshone Spring is one of the most famous mineral springs in this area and was a favorite of early health seekers. It is sourced from deep underground cavernous aquifers that contain limestone, which gives the water its effervescence.

Cheyenne Spring is another well-known spring that has been a part of the local community for many years. It is a sweet soda mineral spring and is known for its high magnesium and potassium content, which is essential to a healthy body and brain.

There are many things to do in Manitou Springs, including visiting the Garden of the Gods and hiking Pikes Peak. You can also try a few of the town’s best restaurants and explore its unique architecture.

Elevation1,954 m
Weather8°C, Wind S at 8 km/h
ZIP code80829
Population4,832 (2021)
Area code719

Cimarron Hills #7

Cimarron Hills is an upscale community that’s a popular choice for many people in Colorado Springs. It offers a mix of housing types and is home to the Cherokee Ridge Golf Course. It’s also close to shopping and Fort Carson.

This neighborhood has a lot to offer for people looking to purchase a home in Colorado Springs, including excellent schools and plenty of outdoor activities. It’s also very safe and has a low crime rate, making it a great place to raise a family.

The neighborhood is home to a number of college students, which makes it stand out as a good option for those looking to live near a campus. Additionally, it’s relatively walkable and has above average safety ratings.

The homes in Cimarron Hills are primarily starter homes. The area is a popular choice for families and first-time homebuyers because of its affordability. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable neighborhoods in all of Colorado.

Population18,981 (2020)
Elevation1,970 m
Area code Area code 719
Weather8°C, Wind E at 10 km/h
Area15.39 km²

Fountain #8

When it comes to the Best Places To Live In Colorado Spring, there are so many options. This is because the city covers a massive area with a variety of landscape and housing styles. It is important to choose a neighborhood that meets your specific needs and priorities.

For example, you may prefer to be close to schools or a park, or you might need easy access to public transportation. You should also consider how close you want to be to the mountains, and what type of home size you’re looking for.

Another great option is to look at the newer neighborhoods like Woodmen, Briargate and Northgate. These areas are growing rapidly and have everything you need from shopping centers to restaurants.

Another great choice is to go up North to the City of Monument, which offers a lot to do in its backyard. There are hiking and climbing opportunities, and the town is close to Cheyenne Mountain State Park.

Weather8°C, Wind E at 8 km/h
Population29,677 (2021)
Elevation1,690 m
Area58.34 km²
Area codeArea code 719

FAQs about Live In Colorado Spring

What do people say about living in Colorado Springs?

People often describe Colorado Springs as a great place to live due to its natural beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities, and friendly community. The city’s mild weather, low cost of living, and diverse population also make it an attractive option for families, retirees, and young professionals alike.

Is Colorado Springs a good city to live in?

Yes, Colorado Springs is generally considered a great city to live in. It offers a high quality of life, beautiful scenery, abundant outdoor activities, good schools, and a strong economy. The cost of living is also relatively low compared to other major US cities. However, like any city, it has its own unique set of challenges and drawbacks.

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