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Best Time To Spend At Columbia Falls, Montana

Columbia Falls Montana

Glacier National Park’s western entrance, Columbia Falls Montana is a lively town that offers locally owned shops, restaurants, a brewery and a popular summer farmers market.

Tourist Attractions In Columbia Falls Montana

Located just minutes west of Glacier National Park, Columbia Falls is a quaint town that offers visitors a wide array of fun and exciting activities. It also boasts excellent hiking opportunities and is the launching point to explore Flathead Lake and Flathead Valley.


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Best Time to Visit: Summer

Visiting the area during the warmest months of the year is an excellent choice, especially for those who enjoy outdoor recreation and want to be at the center of the action. This is the ideal time of the year to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and snowmobile tours in the Flathead Valley.

The most popular attractions in the city include the Big Sky Waterpark, Montana Vortex and House of Mystery, Depot Park, the Hungry Horse Dam and Bob Marshall Wilderness. There are a number of local restaurants and specialty shops for shoppers to take advantage of as well.

Columbia Falls, Montana
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Accommodations in Columbia Falls are a mix of bed and breakfast inns, luxury vacation rentals, and rustic cabins. In addition, a large number of trailheads are available in the city and surrounding areas.

Other interesting places to explore include the Flathead River, Bad Rock Canyon and a number of other wilderness areas. Those looking for something more adventurous can opt to try their hand at zip lining at Glacier Ziplines.

This community is a great place to base your vacation and explore all of the amazing sights that Montana has to offer. It’s also a wonderful destination for fishing and river rafting on the Flathead rivers.

Most visitors head to the city in July, June and August as this is the peak season for tourism. Nevertheless, there are many other great times of the year for visiting the area.

Night of Lights

A fun-filled annual event, Night of Lights is a great way to celebrate the holiday season with your family. Featuring a parade, live music, Santa, vendors and a craft fair, you won’t want to miss this community gathering!

The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, and it’s also the best time to view the northern lights (or aurora borealis). In Montana, the odds of seeing them are highest when the green oval or index is high.

Columbia Falls, Montana

If you’re looking to view the lights, there are many public lands that offer dark skies. One of our favorites is the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, which connects Glacier National Park to Canada’s Waterton Lakes National Park.

When you’re ready to see the aurora, head out to the Bison Paddock Loop, a wide open area that is free from light pollution and offers a pristine view of the lights. For the most optimal Northern Lights viewing experience, plan to go at least an hour before sunset or after dusk.

Weather-2 °C, Wind SE at 8 km/h
Elevation939 m

The Nite Owl Restaurant

Columbia Falls is a vibrant Montana town that’s home to a multitude of locally owned businesses, a popular summer farmers market and an excellent brewery. Situated a short drive from Glacier National Park, it’s an ideal base for exploring this region’s many attractions, from floating the Flathead River to playing on Flathead Lake.

The Nite Owl Restaurant is an American establishment that offers a variety of meats and salads, as well as pizza and breakfast meals. It also boasts a small casino with poker and keno machines.

Columbia Falls, Montana

The Back Room has long been the go-to destination for locals looking for a hefty barbecue pork spare ribs or chicken combo served with hot fry bread and honey butter.

Despite the long line, this is a must-try meal while in town. The staff at the Back Room is friendly and prompt in their service. They also offer a good selection of drinks based on the recommendations of your waiter or server.

Population 5,545 (2021)
Area codeArea code 406

Columbia Falls Community Market

On Thursday evenings from May through September, the town comes alive with a community farmer’s market. This seasonal event is a great way to support local businesses while getting your fill of fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, jewelry, handmade arts and crafts and even some adult beverages.

The Columbia Falls Community Market is a small but mighty operation that hosts several hundred attendees each week and boasts a few notable features, including a large covered area for live music, a massive beer garden and plenty of hand-made one-of-a-kind items to check out.

Columbia Falls, Montana

It also has a zero waste policy in place that involves composting and aluminum can recycling. This year’s market has a total of 55 vendors, 14 dedicated to food, five to farmers and the rest are made up of various art and craft displays. Its small-town charm and scenic location on First Avenue West at the entrance to Glacier National Park are sure to draw crowds.

Area5.82 km²
Local timeTuesday, 11:29 pm
MayorDonald Barnhart

The Columbia Falls History Museum

The Columbia Falls History Museum is a small but very interesting museum. It focuses on the history of Columbia Falls and Glacier National Park. Many artifacts from this lumber mill are now on display at the museum.

Columbia Falls, Montana

The museum is open during normal business hours and you can take a tour of the building to learn more about the history of this historic community. The museum is free to visit and is well worth the time. The museum is located in the Old Main building, which was once used as a lumber mill.

FAQs about Columbia Falls Montana

What is Columbia Falls known for?

Columbia Falls is a small town in Montana known for its proximity to Glacier National Park, which attracts visitors for its stunning scenery, hiking trails, and wildlife. The town also has a rich history in the logging and railroad industries and is home to the Big Sky Waterpark and the Montana Vortex, a popular tourist attraction.

How big is Columbia Falls Montana?

Columbia Falls is a small town in Montana with a population of approximately 5,000 people. The town covers an area of 1.81 square miles and is located in Flathead County, about 15 miles southeast of the city of Whitefish and 20 miles northeast of the park entrance to Glacier National Park.

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