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The 08 Most Affordable Places To Live In Houston, TX

One of the reasons that Houston is such a popular city is its relatively low cost of living. Housing prices here are below the national average and are well below Texas’ state average, making it a great place to buy or rent a home.

Attractions In Places To Live In Houston TX

* East End (also known as EaDo) – This thriving, cosmopolitan area is a favorite among Houston home buyers. It features breweries and restaurants, a METRO Rail line, and the opportunity to live right in the middle of Downtown.

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1. Webster – This town of just 12,000 sits right next to Johnson Space Center, so it’s a favorite for NASA employees and their families. It also boasts low rents, so it’s a good choice for those looking to save money while enjoying a high quality of life.

2. Brays Oaks – This neighborhood has a mid-century feel, and it is the perfect place for anyone who wants to buy a home that has some charm and space.

Places To Live In Houston
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3. Galena Park – This Houston suburb is just a short drive from Downtown, and it’s not much more expensive than other Houston neighborhoods. It’s a quiet and safe neighborhood that’s perfect for families.

4. The Woodlands – This award-winning master planned community is 40 minutes north of Houston and is a fantastic choice for those who enjoy the outdoors. It’s known for its luxury houses, upscale shopping, and a multitude of amenities that make it a great place to raise a family.

If you’re looking for an affordable home, consider checking out these 10 suburbs around Houston. Each has been ranked by data analysis website Niche as the most affordable places to live in the area.

Houston is a popular city for many reasons, but one of the main draws is its low cost of living. As a result, it’s been on numerous lists for the best big cities in America.

Richmond #1

Richmond is a city that offers affordable housing options for families. Rents are lower than in other cities with similar populations, and property taxes are low. Several Section 8 Housing Choice voucher programs are available, which help make homes more affordable for those on a tight budget.

There are a variety of housing types to choose from, including single family homes and condos. There are also many apartments for rent in the area. Homeowner vacancy rates in Richmond are 0.0%, while rental vacancies are 9.5%.

Places To Live In Houston

If you’re looking to purchase a home in Richmond, the average listing price is $459,900 and the average time on market is 75 days. The crime rate in Richmond is much lower than the national average, and it’s safe to live here.

Violent crimes are 1.12 times less common than the Texas average, and property crime is 1.59 times less prevalent. In Richmond, there are more than 38 police officers per 1,000 residents. This is more than the average for comparable cities in the state.

Weather18°C, Wind SE at 21 km/h
NeighborhoodsFountains At Jane Long Farms, Bonham Acres, MORE
Population12,233 (2021)
ZIP codes77406, 77407, 77469
Elevation 92 ft (28 m)

Spring #2

If you are looking for a place to live that is affordable and friendly, look no further than Spring. The city offers plenty of options for housing, including apartments and single-family homes. It is also an excellent location for families with kids. The area is full of parks and other places to enjoy the outdoors.

You can explore 40 miles of biking and hiking trails at the Spring Creek Greenway or take a stroll through the beautiful Mercer Botanic Gardens. Another great thing about Spring is that the crime rate is relatively low compared to other cities of its size. This makes it a safe place to live, work, and raise your family.

The average rent for a 2-bed home in the Spring (located in the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land Metro) area is $1,152. This is 1% less than the average rent in the US, which makes it an excellent option for people who are looking for affordable housing in Houston.

Area codeArea code 281
Area61.12 km²
Neighborhoods Old Town Spring, Spring Lakes, MORE
Population61,514 (2020)
Elevation 37 m

Atascocita #3

Atascocita, Texas is a great choice for those who want to live in Houston, but don’t want to pay the high prices associated with living in the city. Compared to other parts of the state, Atascocita is relatively affordable with median home prices being lower than the average for Texas.

In addition, there are plenty of housing options available in Atascocita. Renters in Atascocita can find homes with income based rental assistance programs and rent subsidized apartments.

There are also numerous federally assisted affordable housing programs at local levels on behalf of HUD. These include Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, Public Housing, and Project-Based Voucher waiting lists.

As with all areas, crime rates vary by location. Some areas, such as major airports or parks, have inflated crime rates due to the large number of people who visit these destinations, even though they don’t live there.

Other places, such as schools and designated recreational areas, may have safe areas on the crime map but still seem unsafe if many people visit those locations during the day. The key to finding a safe place to live is looking at both the crime rate map and the total crime map and considering where people are visiting and whether they live there or not.

NeighborhoodsAtascocita Park, Timberlakes, Atascocita Forest, MORE
Population 81,860 (2020)
Area code Area code 281
Elevation22 m
Area 65.79 km²
Weather17°C, Wind E at 23 km/h

South Houston #4

South Houston is one of the most affordable places to live in Houston TX, and it offers a wide range of amenities. It’s also a great place for families with young children, since there are many childcare centers and urgent care centers in the area. Residents can also enjoy a variety of entertainment options.

For example, they can head to NRG Stadium or the Museum of Fine Arts for a concert by local musicians. However, it’s important to note that the crime rate in South Houston is higher than in most other comparable cities, and it is 8% higher than the national average. In addition, violent crimes are 7% more likely to occur in South Houston than the national average.

In fact, violent crimes in the area are 76 per 1,000 residents, and property crimes are 14% more likely to happen here than in the rest of Texas and 9% more than the national average. This is why it’s important to consider crime before buying a home in South Houston.

Weather18°C, Wind E at 21 km/h
Area7.899 km²
Area code Area code 281
Population15,878 (2021)
Elevation 9.14 m

Pasadena #5

Houston is one of the most popular destinations in the world, and if you’re looking for an affordable place to live within reach of this bustling metropolis, Pasadena, Texas may be just the right fit. It’s a vibrant city that boasts a number of outdoor attractions like the Armand Bayou Nature Center and Southmore Park, as well as cultural offerings including museums, galleries, and art venues.

The best part about living in this Texas city is that it’s relatively affordable compared to other cities with similar populations. House prices are considerably lower in Pasadena than the US median, which means you can purchase a home for much less and still be comfortable.

With that said, there are also some things to keep in mind when it comes to moving here. For example, you’ll need to consider your commute if you plan to work in the city. Another thing you’ll want to take into consideration is the cost of education.

While a lot of students attend public schools in this area, there are also some great private schools to choose from. Additionally, if you’re looking to earn a college degree, you can find many local universities and colleges that offer affordable tuition rates.

Webster #6

Webster, Texas is a vibrant city that offers a wide range of housing options. Its affordable prices make it an attractive option for first-time homebuyers, but it’s also an appealing place to raise a family.

Webster is a suburban town that grew out of a farming-based economy. Rice-farming practices influenced the city’s early development, and fruit and livestock ranches were important industries in the area.

In the 1960s, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration built the Manned Spacecraft Center (now known as the Johnson Space Center) nearby, and the area quickly grew. Today, Webster is a thriving bedroom community closely tied to the Clear Lake Area’s high-tech industry.

The cost of living in Webster is relatively low compared to the rest of Texas and the US as a whole. The average monthly expenses for housing, food, utilities, transportation and healthcare are far less than the national averages.

Crime rates are slightly higher in Webster than the national average, but it’s still a safe place to live. The city’s safest areas are outlined in green, and the most dangerous are marked in red.

ZIP Code77598
Weather18°C, Wind E at 26 km/h
Population12,193 (2021)
Area code281
Elevation23 ft (7 m)

Rosenberg #7

Rosenberg is a city in the Houston metro area that offers retirees a safe and affordable environment. It’s located near several popular attractions, including the Brazos Bend State Park and George Ranch Historical Park, which gives residents a great deal of culture to enjoy.

Rosenberg also has a lower crime rate than the majority of comparable cities in Texas. Its daily average is 1.54 times less than the state’s and 1.34 times less than the national rate. In Rosenberg, there were 148 violent crimes reported in 2019, or 380 incidents per 100,000 residents. Violent crimes include murder, rape, and robbery.

There are a number of factors that can influence crime rates, including poverty and lack of opportunity. In areas with higher levels of poverty, there is a greater likelihood of people engaging in criminal activity because they don’t have the resources or support that they need to live happy and healthy lives.

While the total number of crimes is important, it’s also crucial to look at individual categories like property and violent offenses. In Rosenberg, violent offenses are much more prevalent than property crimes. This is likely due to the fact that violent crimes tend to be more egregious and therefore more threatening.

ZIP code77471
Area code(s) 281/346/713/832
Elevation105 ft (32 m)

Alvin #8

If you’re looking to move to Texas, but don’t have a big budget, you may want to consider Alvin. Located halfway between Houston and Galveston, this small town offers an abundance of family-friendly attractions and events that are both affordable and fun.

When it comes to the cost of living in Alvin, you’ll find that housing costs are 39% lower than the national average, while utility prices are 1% lower and transportation expenses like bus fares and gas prices are 6% lower. This is especially good news for seniors who may be struggling to afford assisted living.

You’ll also find that Alvin is a great place to live if you’re looking to save money on healthcare. Out-of-pocket health care costs and insurance premiums are significantly lower in the area compared to the national average, which can help you cover your monthly medical bills.

A visit to Alvin is not complete without visiting the Nolan Ryan Museum, which features exhibits about the famous baseball player. This is a great way to learn more about the city’s history and heritage.

Weather18°C, Wind SE at 21 km/h
Population27,576 (2021)
Area code Area code 281
Area65.11 km²
Elevation43 ft (13 m)

FAQs about Live In Houston TX

What are good things about living in Houston Texas?

Houston, Texas offers a vibrant and diverse cultural scene, with renowned museums, theaters, and festivals. The city is home to world-class medical institutions, a thriving job market, and a lower cost of living than many other major US cities. Its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico also provides access to beaches and outdoor activities.

What do you need to make to live in Houston?

The cost of living in Houston varies depending on factors such as housing, transportation, and personal expenses. According to recent estimates, a single person would need to earn at least $52,000 per year to live comfortably in Houston. This amount can increase significantly if you have a family or dependents, or if you plan to live in a more expensive area of the city.

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