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Montgomery: 7 Best Place To Visit In Montgomery, Alabama

Tourist Attractions- Place To Visit In Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery alabama is an attractive city for families who want both a vibrant urban atmosphere and the security of suburban living. There are a number of great schools, low crime rates, authentic food options and breathtaking views to name a few reasons why people love this place so much!

The first state capital of Alabama, Montgomery is known for its rich historical heritage. The city was occupied by historic tribes including the Alibamu, who spoke a Muskogean language that was closely related to the indigenous Cherokee.

Throughout its history, Montgomery was a major center of southeastern trade. It was the site of the Creek land cession that pushed the Alabama boundary eastward to the Chattahoochee River and ushered in the development of railroads, which brought central Alabama closer to the Northeast and Midwest.

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Rosa Parks Library and Museum #1

If you’re visiting Montgomery, Alabama and are interested in the famous bus boycott, then the Rosa Parks Library and Museum is a must-see. Named after the woman who sparked the protest, this museum details her story and the horrors of segregation in the south.

Visitors will discover a collection of historic artifacts such as her original arrest record with her fingerprints, court documents and police reports as well as a restored 1955 station wagon (known as a “rolling church”) used to transport protesters. There’s also a display of four granite markers honoring the plaintiffs in the bus case that ultimately found Montgomery’s segregated buses unconstitutional.

252 Montgomery St, Montgomery, AL 36104, USA

Other notable spots in town include the Cleveland Court apartments where Parks lived, the Holt Street Baptist Church and the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church parsonage. It’s the former home of Robert Graetz, the only white pastor who supported the boycott. It was twice bombed and his family faced death threats.

Civil Rights Memorial Center #2

Designed by Maya Lin, the Civil Rights Memorial Center is a stark reminder of the blood that was shed to achieve the equality that is still being achieved today. The center is a place for education and reflection, and is located steps away from the Rosa Parks Museum, Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church and Alabama State Capitol.

The centerpiece of the center is a black granite table that records names and events during the modern civil rights movement. A recirculating water feature flows gently over both the top of the table and the black granite wall behind it, which is engraved with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s well-known paraphrase of Amos 5:24: “We will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

400 Washington Ave, Montgomery, AL 36104, USA

Next door, visitors can see the Freedom Rides Museum, in a former Greyhound bus station that served as the site where buses were burned by Klan mobs to protest integration. Activists also once met here to print fliers about mass meetings in support of the bus boycott and Rosa Parks.

Montgomery Zoo #3

If you’re looking for some animal fun in Montgomery, the Montgomery Zoo is a great place to visit. It has over 500 animals from five different continents that are housed in natural, barrier-free habitats so that you can get closer to them than ever before.

There are plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with these creatures, including feeding sessions and keeper talks. There’s also a petting zoo, mini train and pedal boat rides in summer, so you’ll never run out of things to do at the Montgomery Zoo!

2301 Coliseum Pkwy, Montgomery, AL 36110, USA

This zoo is one of the top family attractions in Alabama. You’ll find lots of exciting keeper talks and experiences to keep the kids entertained and engaged, including a scavenger hunt that gives you a chance to explore the whole zoo and learn about the animals that call it home.

Dexter Parsonage Museum #4

Founded in 1877 on the site of a slave trader’s pen, this church has a deep, rich history. It was a center of civic engagement and activism since its inception.

During the Civil Rights movement, it hosted meetings of the Women’s Political Council that led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott; a Stork’s Nest for needy mothers; Head Start kindergarten; voter registration; youth leadership training; tutorial and counseling programs; family reunions, receptions, and weddings.

309 S Jackson St, Montgomery, AL 36104, USA

It also acted as a meeting place for the Selma to Montgomery March, and was the site of strategy meetings in early 1965. When 33 Freedom Riders were harassed and attacked at the Greyhound bus station, this house became their home.

King served as the 20th pastor of this church, and was instrumental in organizing the Montgomery Bus Boycott and other Civil Rights activities. His office is in the lower part of the church, and the parsonage where he lived with his family is open for tours.

Museum of Alabama #5

If you’re looking to explore the history of Alabama, the Museum of Alabama is a must-visit. Founded in 1930, this historic venue houses an incredible art collection of paintings, sculptures, and master prints from the 19th and 20th centuries.

The museum also features an incredible sculpture garden, perfect for a stroll on a sunny day. Additionally, the museum hosts a variety of family-friendly events and educational programs.

Another must-visit is The Legacy Museum, which aims to teach the stories of modern slavery, racism, segregation, and racial profiling through interactive media, sculptures, and a number of award-winning short films. As you navigate this museum’s exhibits, you’ll witness the devastating impact of racial injustice and learn how to fight for racial equality in your community.

Those with a passion for country music should make time to visit the Hank Williams Museum. This fascinating venue showcases Hank Williams’s 1952 Cadillac, clothing and costumes, his high school yearbook and more. Whether you’re a fan or just want to step into the shoes of this icon for a few hours, the Hank Williams Museum is a must-see in Montgomery.

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts #6

If you love art, this is a must-visit on your trip to Montgomery. This museum has an expansive collection of paintings, sculptures, and master prints from the 19th and 20th centuries. It also features a number of galleries that recount religious, social, and Southern art.

This museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Montgomery and it’s easy to see why. It’s free to visit and offers a range of art that’s sure to impress. The museum even has a beautiful sculpture garden that’s a great place to relax and take in the sights.

Place To Visit In Montgomery
1 Museum Dr, Montgomery, AL 36117, USA

Whether you’re looking for something to do with the kids or you just want to have some quality time with your loved ones, this is one of the best places to go in Alabama. You can even check out the Harriott II Riverboat, which provides scenic cruises and dinner cruises.

Another popular tourist attraction in Montgomery is the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church. This historic site was a gathering place for the Civil Rights Movement during the 1950s and 1960s. The church now houses a museum where visitors can learn about the history of the civil rights movement and view a mural honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum #7

If you love literature, then The Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum is a must-see on your trip. This is the only house museum dedicated to the lives of two of the most famous writers of the Jazz Age, and you’ll get a chance to walk in their footsteps as you explore the house they lived in for a short time during their marriage.

The house was located in the old Cloverdale neighborhood and is filled with pictures, first edition books, 1920s clothes, and more that help you imagine a life in this classic home. There are also docent led tours of the house so you can learn all about this historic place from a local.

919 Felder Ave, Montgomery, AL 36106, USA

The house was the last one they stayed in as a family. Eventually, Zelda and her husband moved to France where she was committed to a sanatorium for her mental health issues. The couple later returned to Montgomery and the house is now a museum that gives off a certain Southern charm.

FAQs: Montgomery, Alabama

What is the Nicest Part of Montgomery Alabama?

Located along the Alabama River, this city has a rich history. It’s the capital of the state and has a number of museums, landmarks and attractions to explore.
Aside from its rich history, Montgomery offers a thriving economy and affordable living. It’s a great place to raise a family, find a new job or enjoy a comfortable retirement.

What is Montgomery Alabama famous for?

The city of Montgomery has a rich history and has attracted many celebrities throughout the years. Here are some of the most famous people that were born in or around this historic town!
Morris Dees
Famous lawyer and civil rights leader; he was born in Alabama. His family moved to Montgomery later in life and he started his law firm here.

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