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Best Amazing Place To Visit In Washington Oaks Gardens State Park


Washington Oaks Gardens State Park is a unique and interesting Florida state park with stunning formal gardens, a rare shoreline, ancient coquina rock outcroppings and beautiful oak trees. It is also an excellent place to fish, hike and picnic.

Tourist Attractions In Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

The beach of Washington Oaks Gardens is filled with swirling, sculptured rocks piled high on the sand, some sporting circular holes and others creating bowls to form tidal pools for snails and anemones. It was formed from the millions of tiny coquina clams that died and accumulated for thousands of years.


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A stroll through the formal gardens reveals remarkable displays of roses, azaleas and camellias. Reflecting ponds, exotic plants and wildflowers, fountains and footbridges add to the appeal of these stunningly designed gardens.

The 410-acre park also includes a coastal shrub that transitions into a lavish hammock and scenic tidal marshes along the Matanzas River. This secluded natural habitat is home to many species of animals including indigo snakes, gopher tortoises and scrub jay birds.

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Picnicking on the beach or under huge oaks, fishing or birding all year round are a few of the reasons to visit this beautiful state park. First Friday Garden and History walks, Second Saturday plant sales, Holiday in the Garden and Saltwater Fishing Clinics are popular events for visitors of all ages.

A visit to Washington Oaks Gardens is an unforgettable experience. You will want to come back again and again! The park is open daily 365 days of the year. Annual Entrance Passes can be purchased at the park or online through the Florida State Parks website.

If you’re looking for a serene day of hiking, bird watching or picnicking in Palm Coast, Washington Oaks Gardens State Park is the place to go. Named by a distant relative of President George Washington, the park is the perfect destination for a Saturday stroll.

The formal garden and ponds are home to exotic flowers and plants, including azaleas, camellias and roses. Coquina rocks lining the beach add to this garden’s instagrammable appeal!


Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Matanzas River, Washington Oaks Gardens State Park once belonged to a distant relative of President George Washington. Louise and Owen Young established the formal gardens on this 425-acre property in 1936, and most of it was donated to the state in 1965.

The gardens make use of native and exotic plants in ornate and spectacular displays. A rose garden, a formal azalea and camellia garden, a cypress grove, a bird of paradise grove, a fountain and reflection ponds are just a few of the features that make up these finely manicured gardens.

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The beach at Washington Oaks is also a special feature. It’s lined with coquina rocks that have been sculpted into swirls and bowls by the elements. According to the National Park Service, these are the shells of millions of tiny clams that died and accumulated in shallow waters for thousands of years.

Formal Gardens

The formal gardens at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park are the highlight of this tranquil Florida state park. The 20 acres of beautiful landscapes are sheltered in a shady hammock of towering live oaks, hickories and magnolias.

The gardens are also home to native and exotic plants, including azaleas, camellias and birds of paradise. Visitors can walk along a meandering waterway fed by a clear spring and enjoy numerous photo-worthy scenes.

You’ll find restful benches throughout the gardens and several reflecting ponds that feature many species of exotic plants from around the world. Picnicking and fishing are also popular activities at this serene park.

This Florida state park is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Matanzas River, just 20 miles from historic St. Augustine. It features beaches, trails and picnic areas as well as a visitor center with interpretive exhibits. It is open from 8:00 am until sunset year-round. An admission fee is required.


Located near Palm Coast along A1A, between the Atlantic Ocean and Matanzas River, Washington Oaks Gardens State Park is known for its formal gardens, unique shoreline with rare coquina rock outcroppings, beautiful oak trees, and nature trails. It is a popular destination for picnicking, fishing, hiking, bird watching and bicycling.

When you walk down to the beach at Washington Oaks Gardens, the first thing you will see are low outcroppings of coquina rocks. At high tide, the water swells the stacked rocks to create a picturesque boulder-strewn beach that is ideal for sunbathing and wading in.

The park has two miles of tidal pools that are perfect for fishing and birdwatching, as well as 1.7 miles of bike trails. The park also features a coastal maritime hammock with live oaks, cabbage palms and red bay trees. In addition, there are tidal marshes and tidal creeks that shelter indigo snakes, gopher tortoises and scrub jay birds.


Washington Oaks Gardens State Park is famous for its formal gardens, but it also preserves the original habitat of a northeast Florida barrier island. There is a beach and trails to hike or bike along the coast.

The shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean is covered in coquina rocks. These jutting outcroppings of soft corallike rock have been carved by the elements to create swirls and bowls and all sorts of fantastical shapes.

It is also a great place to enjoy a picnic, with the warm white sand and grand Washington Oaks trees providing ample space. Spread out a blanket and find your spot under the grand tree or park yourself under the pavilion area with tables and grills.

There are also several trails for hiking or biking including the 1.7 miles of Bella Vista Trails. The 1.7 mile system includes the Timucuan hiking trail, Jungle Road hike and bike trail and the Old A-1-A hike and bike trail.

FAQs about Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

How many acres is Washington Oaks State Park?

Washington Oaks State Park is a Florida state park located on A1A in Palm Coast. It spans over 400 acres of coastal scenery with two main areas: the beachside and the hammock. The park offers opportunities for hiking, biking, picnicking, and fishing. The exact acreage of the park is not specified in the question.

What is the history of Washington Oaks State Park?

Washington Oaks State Park is named after the Washington family, who purchased the land in 1936. They built a winter residence, which is now a museum, and established formal gardens. The land was later sold to the state of Florida and became a state park in 1964. The park is known for its scenic beauty and historical significance.

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