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Decatur: The 7 Best Places To Visit In Decatur, Alabama


Tourist Attractions- Places To Visit In Decatur, Alabama

If you’re looking for a small town with a big heart, Decatur alabama is the place for you. Here you can enjoy a wide range of activities that will make your visit an unforgettable one.

If history is your thing, you’ll love exploring the Blue and Gray Museum. This is where you can take a look at the largest collection of privately owned artifacts from the Civil War. It also has a military aircraft, tank and helicopter for you to look at.


The North Alabama Civil War Museum is another great spot to visit when in Decatur alabama. Here you can learn about the Civil War through various exhibits and get an idea of how the battles shaped our country. When you’re shopping in Decatur, you can find an array of stores that sell all sorts of goods. You can shop for souvenirs, clothing, books and more.

You can also purchase food and drinks from the local restaurants and bars. You can find everything from traditional Southern comfort dishes to BBQ and craft beer.

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The Princess Theatre #1

The Princess Theatre is a 677-seat performing arts venue that showcases a variety of events. It also serves as a multipurpose rental facility, arts in education resource, and a cultural center.

The venue was built in 1887 as a livery stable, and redesigned into an art deco theater in 1941. The interior features a bright neon marque with the name of the theater written in burgundy and gray, as well as glow-in-the-dark murals.

112 2nd Ave NE, Decatur, AL 35601, USA

One of the most popular attractions at The Princess Theatre is its series of Christmas movies. This year, it will screen nine films. It’s a great way to spend an evening with family and friends. You can watch classic holiday favorites and modern comedies.

The Princess Theatre’s musicals were a success because they were the first to integrate song and story, with believable characters in everyday settings. They also helped writers focus on elements that had been neglected in musical comedy, such as a solid story, cogent plot, and motivated characters.

Carnegie Visual Arts Center #2

The Carnegie Visual Arts Center is Decatur’s first art museum and houses works from local, regional, national, and international artists. The center also offers art classes for all ages and degrees of ability. The center is located at 207 Church Street, NE. It’s open Tuesday through Saturday and is free to visit!

Established in 1895 by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, the Carnegie Institute of Art features one of the best modern art collections in the nation. Its collection includes works by American and French Impressionists, including Whistler and Winslow Homer.

207 Church St NE, Decatur, AL 35601, USA

Since opening, the museum has grown beyond its original vision. The museum is now not simply a museum but a community center with programs that connect with citizens throughout Decatur, Morgan County, and the entire North Alabama Region.

The Carnegie Visual Arts Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a venue for emerging and established artists to create, perform, and exhibit; provide educational opportunities for the discovery and enhancement of creativity; and celebrate the arts. It is governed by a board of directors and an executive director.

Delano Park #3

The 28-acre Delano Park is Decatur’s oldest planned public park and provides a place for people to connect with nature. It features walking trails, a basketball court and splash pad.

The park was designed in the late 1800s as a component of the “City Beautiful” movement. During the 1930s, Delano Park was improved as part of New Deal efforts.

825 Gordon Dr SE, Decatur, AL 35601, USA

During this period, the park was restructured by Carolyn Cortner Smith, one of the first women architects in Alabama. Its beautiful stone structures were a result of her vision and design.

As a place for recreation, the park was an important aspect of sound civic planning. It also provided a sense of peace and quiet for residents. The park is home to many historic landmarks and attractions. These include the Ben F. McLean Memorial Fountain, which was installed in 1934.

Point Mallard Park #4

One of Decatur’s prized attractions, Point Mallard Park offers a variety of options and amenities that make it a popular destination for families, groups, and individuals. A waterpark, campgrounds, batting cages, golf course, Strike Zone, and more are all a part of this unique area.

Originally designed by then-Decatur mayor Gilmer Blackburn, Point Mallard Park was the first wave pool in the country. The water park has a lot to offer, including America’s first wave pool and other fun features like a lazy river, a Pro Bowl slide, speed slides, three flume tube rides, an Olympic swimming pool, a sandy beach with complimentary beach loungers, and a kids area with the Squirt Factory and Duck Pond.

2901 Point Mallard Cir SE, Decatur, AL 35601, USA

The park is also the site of the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic, which attracts a large crowd every Memorial Day weekend. It’s home to Spirit of America Festival, an annual event held in July, as well as a Civil War reenactment that takes place every September.

Wheeler Wildlife Refuge #5

Located between Decatur and Huntsville, Wheeler Wildlife Refuge is one of Alabama’s largest and oldest. It was established by Executive Order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938 to provide habitat for wintering and migrating birds.

The refuge covers 35,000 acres surrounding the middle third of Wheeler Reservoir. Its natural history includes riparian woodlands, moist soil units, pine uplands and croplands that support a large collection of migratory birds.

3121 Visitor Center Road, Decatur, AL 35603, USA

There are numerous recreational opportunities at Wheeler National Park, including boating, fishing, hiking, hunting and picnicking. It is also home to a wildlife observation building that makes it easy for visitors to observe cranes, ducks and geese without the need for binoculars.

The refuge is home to several endangered species, including Sandhill Cranes and Whooping Cranes. During the winter, thousands of Sandhill Cranes and dozens of Whooping Cranes come to Wheeler Wildlife Refuge for a rest from the harsh conditions of their native ranges.

Simp McGhee’s #6

If you’re looking for fine dining in downtown Decatur, Simp McGhee’s is the place to go. Open since 1986, this restaurant has a great selection of appetizers, salads, and entrees.

The menu includes seafood and steaks, but you can also enjoy pasta, duck, lamb, and pork at this restaurant. It’s a popular destination among locals, and it’s also known for its friendly service.

Places To Visit In Decatur
725 Bank St, Decatur, AL 35601, USA

It’s located in a building that dates back to over a century ago, so it has plenty of character. It’s a cozy spot to stop for lunch or dinner, and you can watch a game while you’re there.

The restaurant has a long history, and it’s not hard to see why people keep coming back. The menu features Big Bob Gibson’s famous ribs and wings, as well as barbecue specialties like hickory-smoked chicken with their signature white sauce. The restaurant also features a large number of desserts, including Kentucky Derby pie and toffee crack pie.

Wheeler Lake #7

A large reservoir created by Wheeler Dam, Wheeler Lake is the second-largest lake in Alabama. Named for Civil War general Joseph ‘Fightin’ Joe’ Wheeler, it was built by the Tennessee Valley Authority to provide hydroelectric power and flood control for the area.

Fishing for a variety of species, including bass and catfish, is a popular pastime in the region. Anglers travel from across the state to compete in major tournaments on Wheeler Lake, including Cabela King Cat and the BASS Federation Nation.

This 69,700-acre reservoir was formed in 1949, and features a marina, golf course, campground and convention facilities. It’s also a popular spot for water-skiing, kayaking and sailing.

Wheeler Lake is home to several different species of fish, with the most common being striped bass and blue catfish. Striped bass are large predators, consuming a variety of food sources, from plankton to smaller fish and crustaceans. Juvenile striped bass rely on smaller prey such as shrimp and crayfish, while adults consume a higher proportion of zooplankton and insects.

Black crappie are another popular fish to catch in Wheeler Lake, with many people visiting the lake and its creeks during March, April, and May to try their luck at catching these tasty baitfish. The lake is also home to threadfin shad, which are an important food source for striped bass.

FAQs: Decatur, Alabama

What are the best areas to live in Decatur AL?

Decatur is a thriving community with many museums, artistic outlets and recreational activities.
-For Families
Award-winning schools and family-friendly neighborhoods make Decatur a great place to raise your kids. Plus, the city’s close proximity to Huntsville makes commuting easy.

Which city is close to Decatur Alabama?

Decatur Alabama is a city in Morgan County, United States of America. Nicknamed “The River City,” it is located in northern Alabama on the banks of Wheeler Lake, along the Tennessee River.
Decatur was originally a river crossing town for settlers west of the Appalachian Mountains. Today it is a bustling, thriving community with a history to honor and a vibrant future.

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