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08 Best Safety Places To Live In Florida For Families

Florida is an ideal state for people who love beaches, sunshine and warm weather. With an affordable housing market, the state is a popular destination for families and young professionals.

Attractions To Live In Florida

Whether you are looking for retirement, spring break getaways or somewhere to vacation with family, Florida has something for everyone. It is home to world-class theme parks, gorgeous beaches and a warm climate.

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Orlando is a popular choice for families because of its famous theme parks. It also has great public schools, plenty of dining options, and a wide variety of outdoor activities for children of all ages.

Tampa is a great option for anyone who wants to be close to the beach but also has a strong job market and a low cost of living. It is a fast-growing area that has a young population and offers a perfect downtown-to-suburban ratio.

Sarasota is another great option for anyone who loves the beach but doesn’t want to deal with traffic and expensive living. It’s a growing city with an excellent job market and is known for its clean environment and safe neighborhoods.

 Live In Florida
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Palm Coast is a beautiful and quiet town that has a relaxed way of life. It is located on the upper east coast of Florida and has one of the best-kept secret beaches in the state. Ocala is a great place to get away from the bustle of big cities.

It is centrally located and has a large equine community as well as pristine beaches. Finding the best place to live in Florida starts with understanding your lifestyle and preferences.

You will need to consider factors such as cost of living, crime, employment and quality of schools. Using data from several platforms, we compared metro areas across the state to find out which ones have the best job opportunities, affordability and community well-being.

Sarasota #1

Sarasota, Florida is a beautiful city on the Gulf Coast with a rich cultural scene and gorgeous beaches. It is known for its world-class performing arts companies, a wide range of educational opportunities and a vibrant art community.

This area is popular among young professionals and families relocating from other cities in Florida. It also offers good health care and standard schools.

The climate here is incredibly pleasant, with daytime temperatures ranging from the 70s to the 80s and plenty of sunshine during the winter months. This is an important factor for those who enjoy living in sunny weather.

 Live In Florida

It’s also one of the most popular places in Florida for people who love to explore on foot or by bicycle. It has a variety of trails and parks to choose from, including the Legacy Trail that stretches from downtown to Siesta Key Beach.

It is also a popular destination for those who want to learn more about marine life. The Mote Aquarium & Marine Laboratory is a great place to see sharks, sting rays and other aquatic creatures up close.

Sarasota 1902
Area code941
Elevation16 ft (7 m)
Sara Sota1842

Naples #2

Naples is a lovely city on the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida that is famous for its world-class shopping, dining and estates. It is also known for its white sand beaches, beautiful parks and nature sanctuaries.

The city is also famous for its beautiful weather, year-round beaching, golfing and access to quality healthcare. This makes it one of the best places to live in Florida for people of all ages. In addition, Naples is home to many great museums, including a Holocaust museum, art galleries and professional theatres.

It is also one of the happiest places to live in the US, according to Gallup-Sharecare Well-being Index. Or make a trip to Celebration Park on Bayshore Drive off of south Trail for a day of family fun. Board games and corn hole will keep the kids busy while you relax.

If you’re looking for a fun place to grab a bite, check out one of the newest happenings in Naples – choose from about a dozen excellent quality food trucks and grab a table (go early during the season if you want to find a table!).

IncorporatedMay 25, 1949
Area code239

Melbourne #3

Melbourne is one of Florida’s top places to live for families, retirees, and young professionals alike. This vibrant city is home to world-renowned art galleries and delicious restaurants tucked behind oak-lined streets. It also has beautiful beaches that are perfect for sunbathing and surfing.

The Eau Gallie Arts District is a great place to check out local art and take in some culture. This historic neighborhood is packed with shops, restaurants, and microbreweries that are located within a single block.

In addition, the city is home to the Rehab Vintage Market which is a great spot for those who want to shop for furniture and other items that make a house feel like a home. The market is open seven days a week and has several different vendors.

Melbourne is also a fantastic place to enjoy a day in the sun at one of its many parks. With over 400 acres of space, you can find a great spot for swimming, fishing, or just relaxing by the lake. You can even bring your family to play a game of volleyball or horseshoes at one of the many outdoor areas.

Address900 E. Strawbridge Ave., Melbourne, FL 32901
Phone (321) 608-7000 

Jacksonville #4

Jacksonville is one of the best places to live in Florida because it offers a mix of big city living with a Southern feel. The city offers a variety of entertainment, shopping, dining and cultural attractions as well as plenty of outdoor activities. It also has a fantastic job market, with many Fortune 1000 companies calling it home.

The city also has an admirable healthcare system and is a great place for families, thanks to high-performing schools. Another thing that makes Jacksonville so great is its unique history. For example, the Mandarin Museum is a fascinating place that preserves some of the city’s past.

The city is also known for its beautiful beaches, which are great places to hang out and relax. There are a number of different ways to enjoy them, including surfing and snorkeling. In addition, the city has a number of parks, as well as waterways and ecological preserves.

Address32099-0001, 7415 COMMONWEALTH AVE, JACKSONVILLE, FL. 32099-0002
Area code904
FoundedJune 15, 1822; 200 years ago
Named forAndrew Jackson

Tampa #5

Tampa is one of the best places to live in Florida for families. It offers a low cost of living and great schools, and is also close to plenty of shopping areas and restaurants. The city is full of exciting things to do with your family, including lots of fun water parks and beaches.

It also offers a large variety of entertainment options, such as museums, festivals, and breweries. There is also a thriving arts scene, which makes it a great place for families to raise their children. The city is also well-known for its many sports teams, such as the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning.

Besides all of these, the city is also home to a number of excellent hospitals, such as Baptist Health South Florida and Mount Sinai Medical Center. These hospitals have a lot of fame all over the world and are known for their quality healthcare services.

Address802 E Frierson Ave, Tampa, FL 33603
Phone (813) 915-5168 5507 

Pensacola #6

Pensacola is one of the best places to live in Florida because it has a wide variety of things to do. The city has a number of parks, beaches, engaging museums and a lively arts scene. Aside from its fun activities, the city also has a rich history.

It was first settled by Spanish explorer Tristan de Luna in 1559, and later changed hands several times as European powers fought over North America. The city has an array of festivals throughout the year, including the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival, the Pensacola Mardi Gras and the Pensacola Seafood Festival.

These events showcase the region’s most talented musicians, performers, and vendors. There are many museums in the area, as well as several theaters. The city has an active arts scene that is supported by a population of culture vultures.

Another fun thing to do in Pensacola is visit the historic district. This district features a number of historical landmarks that are still standing today. Visitors can take tours of the buildings and learn about the city’s rich history.

AddressFlorida, USA
ZIP code32501, 32512, 32534, 32591
Area code850/448
Founded byDon Tristan de Luna

Daytona Beach #7

If you’re looking for a great place to live in Florida, Daytona Beach is one of the best options. It has a lot to offer, from its 23 miles of white-sand beaches and world-famous boardwalk to its renowned Daytona International Speedway.

Hurricane risk is significantly lower here than in other parts of the state, as tropical cyclones typically pass offshore. However, a few deadly tornadoes have struck the region in recent years.

Despite the low hurricane risk, it’s still important to travel safely when vacationing. As with any oceanfront destination, make sure to practice proper safety measures like scanning the water for predators and swimming in groups.

In addition to its famous beach, Daytona Beach has a number of great attractions that are perfect for family outings. You can explore the area’s natural beauty at Lighthouse Point Park, or check out one of Daytona Beach’s most interesting museums.

You can also get your fill of fun at Sky Zone Trampoline Park. This fun-filled park has a slew of different trampolines to choose from, including one that allows for aerial silks and a giant swinging ladder.

Address12 South Ocean Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32118
Phone(386) 253-0254
Area code386

Fort Myers #8

Fort Myers is a great place to live for many reasons. The weather is pleasant, the beaches are beautiful, and the city offers a wide variety of things to do. However, Fort Myers is not perfect and there are some drawbacks to living here. First, it is a popular tourist destination and the number of visitors keeps increasing.

This means that it can get crowded and rowdy. It also means that you may need to deal with a lot of traffic congestion. The weather is also not the best, especially in the summer when it can be as hot as it is humid. It rains quite a bit, too.

Lastly, the weather can be hit or miss when it comes to hurricanes. Florida is one of the most likely states to get hit by hurricanes, so it is important to be prepared in case of a storm. Another good thing about Fort Myers is that the cost of living is very low. This makes it a great place to retire and raise a family.

Address2200 Second Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901
City Hall239-321-7000
Area code239
FoundedMarch 24, 1885

FAQs about Live In Florida

What you need to know about moving to Florida?

Florida is known for its warm weather, beaches, and theme parks. The state has no state income tax and a lower cost of living compared to other states. However, it can be expensive to live in popular areas, hurricanes can be a concern, and the state has a high humidity level.

What are the best things about living in Florida?

Florida offers a great quality of life, with an abundance of outdoor activities, beautiful beaches, and natural wonders. The state has a vibrant culture, delicious food, and plenty of opportunities for entertainment. Additionally, Florida has a diverse population, a strong economy, and a growing job market, making it a desirable place to live.

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