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Discover The Best Places To Live Near Cocoa Beach, FL

Live Near Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach, Florida is a sought-after tourist destination renowned for its breathtaking beaches, surfing opportunities and proximity to Kennedy Space Center.

Attractions Places To Live Near Cocoa Beach, FL

For those considering making a permanent move here, there are several attractive communities near Cocoa Beach that offer an exceptional quality of life. In this article we’ll highlight the top places to live near Cocoa Beach FL by examining their unique qualities that make each place an excellent choice as your new home.

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Merrittt Island #1

Just a short drive from Cocoa Beach, Merrittt Island is an idyllic community featuring various housing options from waterfront homes to gated communities. As home to both Merrittt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Kennedy Space Center, residents have unparalleled access to nature and exciting attractions alike. Plus, Merrittt Island boasts excellent schools, shopping centers, and recreational facilities – making it perfect for both families and professionals alike!

Satellite Beach #2

Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Indian River, Satellite Beach offers a relaxed beachside lifestyle with an uplifting sense of community. Its pristine shoreline, parks, and nature reserves make it perfect for those who appreciate outdoor activities like surfing, fishing or wildlife observation. Furthermore, Satellite Beach boasts top-rated schools as well as plenty of community events – making it one of the top places to live near Cocoa Beach, FL.

Melbourne #3

Melbourne is a bustling city that boasts an impressive economy, top-notch educational institutions and vibrant arts and culture scene. Situated along the Indian River, Melbourne offers waterfront properties, golf course communities and charming downtown neighborhoods. The historic downtown district features plenty of shops, restaurants and galleries while parks provide outdoor enthusiasts with ample activities.

Rockledge #4

Rockledge, Brevard County’s oldest city, offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with its tree-lined streets, historic homes, and charming downtown area. Residents can take advantage of plenty of parks, nature trails, recreational activities as well as top-rated schools and healthcare facilities. Furthermore, its accessibility to major highways makes it easy for residents to reach Cocoa Beach and other nearby attractions easily.

Viera #5

Viera is a master-planned community that offers an upscale living experience. With its attractive neighborhoods, excellent schools and ample parks, Viera appeals to families and professionals seeking an elevated quality of life. Families will appreciate The Avenue Viera – its premier outdoor shopping center – as well as easy access to Cocoa Beach, Orlando and other popular Florida destinations through Viera’s central location.

Indialantic #6

Indialantic is a picturesque beachside town situated just south of Cocoa Beach, FL. Known for its stunning beaches, parks and nature reserves, Indialantic appeals to those who appreciate an active outdoor lifestyle. The charming downtown area features shops, restaurants and cafes while top-rated schools and secure neighborhoods make it perfect for families. With stunning ocean views and relaxed atmosphere alike, Indialantic makes one of the best places to live near Cocoa Beach, FL.


Each community near Cocoa Beach, FL, offers its own special blend of amenities and natural beauty. Whether you’re searching for a relaxed beach lifestyle, family-friendly neighborhood or vibrant city with vibrant arts and culture scene – one of these premier places to live near Cocoa Beach will surely fit the bill.

As you explore these remarkable neighborhoods you’ll quickly understand why so many people are drawn here and its surrounding neighborhoods. If you’re thinking of moving to Florida and want to experience the idyllic coastal lifestyle, these top places to live near Cocoa Beach, FL should be on your list.

Each community offers its own special blend of charm, amenities and natural beauty that makes it the ideal place for you to call home. When searching for your ideal place to settle down, keep factors such as local schools, recreational opportunities and proximity to shopping/dining establishments in mind so that it fits perfectly with your lifestyle and requirements.

Experience the warmth, beauty and energy of Florida’s Space Coast by exploring these top places to live near Cocoa Beach, FL. These neighborhoods boast a diverse range of housing options, top-rated schools and vibrant communities – creating the ideal combination of coastal living with modern conveniences. Start your new life near the sun-kissed shores of Cocoa Beach today and reap all its wonderful advantages.

FAQs about Places to Live Near Cocoa Beach

Is Cocoa Beach good place to live?

Cocoa Beach is a beautiful coastal city in Florida that offers a relaxed lifestyle, sunny weather, and a variety of outdoor activities. With its vibrant downtown, stunning beaches, and excellent schools, it’s a great place to call home for those who enjoy a slower pace of life and the natural beauty of the ocean.

What is it like to live in Cocoa Florida?

Cocoa, Florida is a small town located near the coast that offers a quiet, suburban lifestyle. With a strong sense of community, residents can enjoy local events and activities, as well as easy access to nearby beaches and outdoor recreation. However, the town may lack some amenities found in larger cities and can be affected by seasonal hurricanes.

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