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The Most 8 Restaurants In Salvador Brazil, For Delicious Food!

Restaurants In Salvador Brazil

The food in Salvador is a true reflection of its unique history. With African, European and native ingredients and a blend of global flavors, it’s no surprise that Bahian cuisine is so memorable.

Attractions In Restaurants In Salvador Brazil

If you’re looking for something more authentic, head to the local market for fresh produce and a taste of Brazil’s gastronomic culture. Here, you’ll find everything from traditional churrasco to savory stews, as well as local staples such as Feijao beans and bara.


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For a sweet treat, try bolo de aipim (cassava cake), a dense, sweet cake that’s often served for breakfast. The dessert is often topped with coconut and shredded sugar.

Pamonha, a sweet corn paste wrapped in a corn husk and boiled, is also a popular street snack in Salvador. It’s sweetened with coconut or stuffed with cheese, pork, chicken or peppers and is easily found at street stands and small snack bars called lanchonetes.

Restaurants In Salvador Brazil
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It’s not just the food that attracts visitors to Salvador; this port town is home to some of the most impressive colonial architecture in the country. It was founded around 500 years ago by Portuguese settlers and is still a hub for the slave trade and sugarcane market.

Its diverse cultural mix translates to a vibrant food scene, which is why Exame Casual magazine has named these ten restaurants the best in Salvador. Each was chosen by a jury made up of 60 renowned experts in the gastronomic environment.

In a city whose rich history is a true melting pot of African, European and native influences, Salvador da Bahia has plenty to offer the food-lover. Tropical flavours join Portuguese recipes to form typically Bahian dishes, while ingredients such as palm oil and coconut milk add a unique taste.

Whether you want to dine on traditional fish stew, or indulge in a fresh caipirinha with views of the bay, there’s a restaurant for every budget. The historic Pelourinho District is an excellent place to sample Salvador’s exotic flavours, although Tuesday and weekends are the busiest evenings.

Whether it’s seafood, barbecue or fine dining, this coastal city offers something for everyone. Its vibrant atmosphere makes it the perfect place for a night out.

Restaurante Mariposa Pelourinho #1

Located in the heart of Alcantarilha, Restaurante Mariposa Pelourinho is one of the oldest and most appealing restaurants in the Algarve. Founded in the 1960s and run by Bianca Salden since 2005, it boasts a creative menu that’s well-complemented by a wide range of Portuguese wines.

Guests can expect a cosy atmosphere, with an intimate feel that’s perfect for enjoying dinner with friends and family. The menu includes a variety of meats and vegetarian options, and the restaurant also has a great selection of drinks.

It’s best to arrive early to secure a table. It’s a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, and it can get busy during peak times. However, there’s a large car park and plenty of seating so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a place to sit.

Alternatively, it’s also possible to order your meal to-go and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. The price isn’t too expensive either, with a set menu starting at around 8 euros per person. And it’s a perfect spot to enjoy some of the Algarve’s finest cuisine while overlooking the city centre.

Service optionsDine-in · Takeaway
AddressLargo Terreiro de Jesus, 17 – 100 – Pelourinho, Salvador – BA, 40026-010, Brazil
Phone+55 71 3321-3749

Camarada Camarao – Shopping Barra – Bahia #2

Salvador is the party capital of Brazil and a great place to celebrate the country’s most famous holiday, Carnaval. But there are plenty of other reasons to make this city your next vacation destination.

A trip to Salvador wouldn’t be complete without sampling the city’s delicious cuisine. One of the best restaurants in town is Camarada Camarao – Shopping Barra – Bahia, which is located in the centre of downtown Salvador.

The restaurant is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, and offers an extensive menu of Bahian cuisine. A popular menu option is bobo de camarao, a seafood stew with a mellow, creamy sauce.

It also serves a mouthwatering version of Vatapa, a seafood soup with coconut milk and ginger. It’s a dish that is extremely popular in the region and can be found throughout Salvador.

The restaurant is a very simple decor, so it’s often busy during lunch time. Its prices are reasonable and it has a very good location in the centre of Salvador. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Service options Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery
AddressAv. Centenário, 2992 – Chame-Chame, Salvador – BA, 40149-900, Brazil

Sanctuarium Atelier Gourmet #3

A deliciously laidback eat-in restaurant in one of Salvador’s most beautiful areas, Sanctuarium Atelier Gourmet offers a tempting array of Brazilian specialties. The menu reflects the diversity of Brazil, and it’s a great place to savor the flavors of this country with family and friends.

Its quaint dining room is filled with natural wood tones, and the dishes feature a variety of fresh, seasonal ingredients. The savory and sweet offerings here are mouthwateringly good.

Indulge in a selection of succulent Bahian dishes, from oxtail soup to shrimp dumplings. Or choose an entree from a wide array of seafood, including salmon in passion fruit sauce and filet whiting in bisque.

Located in a residential neighborhood in Cabula, Paraiso Tropical has long been a Salvador favorite for beautifully prepared Bahian cuisine with a gourmet twist. The buffet-style lunch is fairly casual, but dinner is a feast of regional favorites that also includes the popular Topazio folkloric show.

Its small size and casual service make it a bit of a challenge to get a seat, but the food is excellent. Claude and Thomas Troigros, a father-and-son team, have created an uncomplicated cuisine with small dishes to be shared on the table, blending French flavors with Brazilian ingredients.

Service optionsDine-in
AddressR. Itabuna, 286 – Rio Vermelho, Salvador – BA, 41940-650, Brazil
Phone+55 71 99670-6537

Camarao Vilas Restaurante #4

If you are looking for a place to eat in the Historic City Center, Camarao Vilas Restaurante is an excellent choice. It offers delicious meals and is also located close to attractions in Salvador.

The interior of the restaurant is pleasant and has a lot of natural light. It also has a terrace, so you can enjoy your meal outdoors. Another great aspect of this restaurant is that it is family friendly, so you can bring your kids here and enjoy a great meal together.

The menu features a variety of options, including burgers, sandwiches, and pasta dishes. The restaurant is also popular with locals. This is because it offers a unique cuisine that includes classics from Bahia, such as pirarucu and moqueca.

The restaurant is open daily and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The prices are very reasonable. You can expect to pay about 10 euros for a meal. This is a great deal for Salvador. In addition, the restaurant has an extensive bar where you can drink your favorite cocktails and beer.

Service optionsDine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery
Located inShopping Center Villaverde Street Mall
Address Av. Praia de Itapuã, 805 – Vilas do Atlântico, Lauro de Freitas – BA, 42707-650, Brazil
Phone +55 71 3051-1450,,

Reconcavo Culinaria Bar E Restaurante #5

Located in the center of Salvador, Reconcavo is one of the best restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine. It offers a wide range of dishes and drinks. This family-owned restaurant serves traditional Brazilian food in a tropical atmosphere. Its wooden tables and huts offer an immersive experience to its visitors.

The menu is filled with traditional Brazilian delicacies that will leave you wishing for more. The restaurant also provides a wide variety of wine selections. Its ice-cream is also delicious and the location is ideal for travelers who want to relax while they’re visiting Salvador.

It is located on the top terrace of the Mercado Modelo and it serves a standard Bahian menu. Aside from the excellent food, this restaurant also has a beautiful view of the port. The prices are affordable and the service is good.

This restaurant is a great choice for those who are looking for a place where they can spend time with their families and friends. The restaurant has a comfortable space and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Service optionsDine-in · Drive-through · Delivery
Address R. Prof. Fernando Luz, 63 – Chame-Chame, Salvador – BA, 40140-160, Brazil
Phone+55 71 3512-7326

Camarada Camarao Salvador Shopping #6

San Salvador is a shopping destination in its own right, with plenty of swanky boutiques, stylish malls and good food to boot. A few of the best include a multi-level mall, the Feira de Sao Cristovao, a purpose-built arena and some of the world’s most impressive shopping centers such as the first Multiplaza.

The Mercado Modelo, the city’s iconic market, is a must-visit for all visitors. This Neoclassical building brims with 260 crafts, paintings, food and drink shops, all the way from the simplest souvenir to the most elaborate and expensive.

It’s also a good place to try out the latest in tech, as the area features a 3D cinema and an impressive interactive aquarium. The market also boasts the biggest fountain of all, a water-based gimmick that features light displays and a spinning laser.

Among the most interesting is a slew of tiny LED lights, that mimics a fish swimming across a pool of water. The light show lasts for just a few minutes, but it’s an impressive feat of technology to see a swarm of small lights glow and flicker in the dark.

 AddressLargo do Cruzeiro do Sao Francisco, 9 a 13 Pelourinho, Salvador, State of Bahia 40025-010 Brazil
Phone+55 (71) 99635-6721

Coco Bambu Bahia #7

The former Church and State space in the Arts District is now home to Caboco, a new modern Brazilian restaurant from Sao Paulo’s Mocoto chef Rodrigo Oliveira. The menu combines regional dishes with updated interpretations of Brazil’s varied geography and rich cultural heritage.

The menu reflects the culinary traditions of Brazil’s diverse regions, from coastal seafood preparations like Bahian seafood stew to southern churrasco meat dishes such as grilled steak. The restaurant also offers gluten-free options and is known for its pao de queijo (a savory cheesy bread).

A popular street food dish in Salvador is acaraje, black-eyed pea balls that are stuffed with shrimp. This tent facing the ocean on Santana Plaza is a favorite for this traditional Bahian dish.

The best restaurants in Salvador offer a wide variety of top-class cuisine. Some are specialized in Japanese, Thai or other international cuisines, while others are dedicated to Brazilian delicacies. Regardless of your choice, the dining experience at these places will be memorable.

Service optionsDine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery
AddressAv. Prof. Magalhães Neto, 1273 – Pituba, Salvador – BA, 41810-011, Brazil
Phone+55 71 3353-6595

Alfredo’Ro #8

Located in the heart of Salvador’s central district, this cosy little bar serves up some of the city’s best seafood dishes. The menu is packed with fresh local ingredients, including tropical fruits and clams. The atmosphere is lively, too.

This popular local eatery draws in a mix of tourists and locals alike, so get here early for the best tables. Start with octopus rice, a local favourite. Wash it down with a refreshing chopp (light beer) and a sourdough bread to soak up all the delicious flavours.

The food here is inspired by Bahian cooking and the fusion of Portuguese and African influences. The traditional dishes, such as acaraje (peeled peas deep fried in palm oil) and large moqueca (salt water fish stew in coconut milk), are all very tasty.

A popular spot for tourists and locals to dine, this is a great place to enjoy Brazilian grilled meats, salad bars and caipirinhas. The food here is reasonably priced, and the staff are friendly and helpful.

Service options Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · No-contact delivery
Located inCorner of Atlantic Towers
AddressAtlantic Towers – R. Morro do Escravo Miguel, 1545 – Ondina, Salvador – BA, 40140-130, Brazil
Phone+55 71 98814-5660

FAQs about Restaurants In Salvador Brazil

What is the famous food of Salvador Brazil?

The famous food of Salvador, Brazil is acarajé, a popular street food made from black-eyed peas formed into balls, deep-fried, and filled with a spicy mixture of shrimp, onion, and peppers. It is often served with a side of hot pepper sauce and is a staple of Bahian cuisine.

What is Salvador known for in Brazil?

Salvador, the capital city of Bahia state in Brazil, is known for its rich Afro-Brazilian culture, vibrant music and dance scene, colonial architecture, and beautiful beaches. It was once the center of the Brazilian slave trade and today is a hub of Afro-Brazilian religious practices, such as Candomblé. Salvador is also famous for its annual Carnival celebration.

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