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Best 08 Things To Do In Sea Life Park Hawaii, Enjoy With Your Family

Sea Life Park Hawaii is a marine park that provides guests an opportunity to see a wide variety of sea life in one location. It offers visitors the chance to swim with dolphins, dive with sharks and rays, and learn about penguins and other animals.

Attractions In Sea Life Park Hawaii

There are several outdoor touch pools where you can handle a range of smaller marine creatures. Daily keeper talks are also offered to explain the behavior of the park’s marine animals and their habitats.

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The Hawaiian Reef Aquarium is home to a 300,000 gallon tank filled with native sharks, moray eels and giant sea turtles. It is one of the most popular attractions at Sea Life Park Hawaii and features interactive technology to help you explore a range of native sharks including two types of Black Tips, Scalloped Hammerheads and Sandbar Sharks.

A trip to Sea Life Park Hawaii is a great way to get kids involved with the ocean and its many inhabitants. Children can learn about the Hawaii state fish, see penguins and lovebirds, and experience the thrill of seeing sharks and stingrays in their natural environment.

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is another great snorkeling spot in East Honolulu that allows you to enjoy a close up view of marine life in Hawaii’s oceans. This protected marine sanctuary is a popular spot for snorkeling, and the shoreline boasts a great variety of reef fish, green sea turtles and more.

Sea Life Park Hawaii
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Maui Ocean Center is a 3-acre park with simulated lava tidepools, huge aquarium tanks and interactive exhibits set up in an interpretive progression that takes you from the waters just off the beach to the depths of the ocean, and everything in between.

Its mission is to foster understanding, wonder and respect for the Hawaii’s marine wildlife. Its aquariums, interactive displays and outdoor touch pools are an excellent way to see all that the ocean has to offer in a single visit!

You can meet more than 30 marine species in the park including dolphins, sea lions, pinguins and Hawaiian monk seals. You can also take part in interactive shows that are sure to please your kids.

Sea Life Park Hawaii is one of the best places to see marine creatures in Oahu. It’s a marine mammal park, bird sanctuary and aquarium located 15 miles from Waikiki.

Address41-202 Kalanianaʻole Hwy, Waimanalo Beach, HI 96795, United States
Phone+1 808-259-2500

Dolphin Swim Adventure #1

Get the most out of your visit to Sea Life Park Hawaii by experiencing an unforgettable dolphin swim adventure. This is undoubtedly the most exciting interactive dolphin program available in Hawaii, and it’s a true treat for the whole family.

After a short orientation, you’ll go into waist-deep water with a trainer to meet two dolphins that have been trained to interact with people. They’ll give you a handshake and kiss on the cheek, and then take you for a fun dorsal fin ride.

Sea Life Park Hawaii

The most breathtaking moment is during the foot push, when you’ll feel all of the strength and energy that these beautiful creatures have to offer as they push you across the water from the bottom of your feet.

This is a quick and simple dolphin experience that is offered several times throughout the day, making it perfect for travelers on a tight schedule. It’s also one of the shortest options that we feature, so it’s great for those who aren’t quite ready to commit to a full-day dolphin swim.

Sea Lion Discovery #2

Located on Oahu, just half an hour from Waikiki, Sea Life Park Hawaii is an educational and entertaining marine attraction. It offers personal aquatic encounters with dolphins, penguins and Hawaiian sting rays. The park also has a 300,000-gallon shark tank, home to a dozen native Hawaiian sharks.

In the Sea Lion Discovery program, you’ll get to swim and play with a sea lion, as well as learn the signalling system used by trainers to communicate with these amazing animals. This program is great for kids of all ages and is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget.

You can also explore an open-air aviary where you’ll see colorful cockatiels and lovebirds. In addition to a host of fun and educational marine animal exhibits, Sea Life Park Hawaii features an open-air aviary and a play zone for kids. You can also see a series of daily keeper talks that explain the behavior and habitat of a variety of marine animals.

Penguin Habitat & Penguin Trainer Talk #3

The Penguin Habitat & Penguin Trainer Talk is an engaging experience where guests will get to hear a short history of penguins and learn how they live, swim and play with each other. They also have the opportunity to interact with two chicks, both Chinstrap species.

Penguins are birds but they cannot fly, so they have lots of adaptations for swimming and survival in water, such as their wings shaped like paddles that enable them to swim up to 9 miles per hour. They can also dive as deep as 1, 752 feet and hold their breath for 1 minute. They can also use their legs as rudders to steer, just like dolphins.

This helps them avoid predators and navigate rocky coastlines and shallow pools. Sea Life Park Hawaii has a variety of interactive exhibits, educational talks and animal habitats where visitors can get hands-on with penguins, sea lions and other animals in the ocean. This is a great way to get the family involved in learning about marine conservation and sustainability.

Park Conservation Tour #4

Located on the windward coast of Oahu, Sea Life Park Hawaii is home to a stunning array of marine life. Featuring dolphin shows, reef exhibits, and sea lions, this world-class attraction will entertain and delight all guests.

The park has also taken a leading role in advancing the conservation of Hawaiian green sea turtles and other native species. The park is cultivating limu, or Hawaiian seaweed, which is a vital food source for native fish and other creatures in the islands.

You can now join a special Park Conservation Tour that will highlight the importance of limu in Hawaiian culture and the park’s efforts to restore this important plant. This 45-minute tour will feature a film, a visit to a pond that emulates how limu grows in the wild and a limu lei weaving demonstration.

Sea Life Park has been a longtime partner with Waimanalo Limu Hui, a local nonprofit organization that works to restore limu. The park will also host an annual limu event, Limu Fest, that will allow visitors to learn more about limu and its importance.

Shark Encounter Adventure Tour #5

The Shark Encounter Adventure Tour is one of the most popular activities at Sea Life Park Hawaii. It includes admission to the park as well as a 20-30 minute experience with Hawaiian sharks or sea lions, a visit to their bird sanctuary and aquarium, and more.

On this tour, you’ll snorkel in a warm water lagoon that is home to rays and whitetip reef sharks. Using a flotation vest, mask, and snorkel, you’ll get to observe these graceful creatures while also interacting with adorable Hawaiian reef fish!

After your time in the water, you’ll head to the open-air theater where you’ll see a dolphin show. The 30-minute performance is fun and informative. Located on Oahu’s scenic Makapu’u Point, this attraction is just 15 miles (24 km) from Waikiki.

Your admission ticket will also give you entry to interactive exhibits and educational talks throughout the day, as well as an opportunity to get hands-on at the touch pools and watch a dolphin show. You can also visit the Hawaiian Reef Aquarium for a close look at sharks and sting rays.

Sea Trek Adventure #6

Located on Oahu’s southeastern tip by Makapuu Point, Sea Life Park Hawaii is the world’s premier marine attraction. It’s a must-visit for families who love ocean adventure and are interested in conservation and sustainable living.

This Oahu attraction features a wide variety of programs to engage visitors in learning about the natural environment. There are dolphin swims, Hawaiian ray encounters and penguin shows. The Reef Encounter program allows guests to swim in a special lagoon with Hawaiian rays and feed the fish.

The Hawaiian rays are graceful and gentle animals that are perfect for children to interact with. A guided Sea Trek Helmet Dive Walk is also offered at Coral World, giving participants the thrill of exploring like a scuba diver without the need for specialized training.

The weight and design of the Sea Trek helmet makes it easy to comfortably walk on the ocean floor, with a railing for added safety. You will be accompanied by an observer during your dive. They will take photos and videos of you as you explore the ocean floor.

Bird Sanctuary #7

The Bird Sanctuary at Sea Life Park Hawaii is home to many wild marine birds including iwa, or great frigatebirds, booby birds, shearwaters and albatrosses. The birds often come to the sanctuary sick or injured, and they need care and rehabilitation.

Sea Life Park also provides a safe haven for marine mammals that are endangered, such as penguins. The park’s staff is dedicated to caring for these animals and helping them return to their natural habitats.

Visitors can learn about the conservation efforts at Sea Life Park Hawaii by visiting their aquariums and interacting with their animals. They can also see rehabilitated Hawaiian monk seals and a wide variety of seabirds.

The park’s newest attractions include Shark Cave, which features a 300,000-gallon exhibit with Hawaiian reef life and sharks. In addition, clients can enjoy a sea safari in the Hawaiian reef tank surrounded by eels, stingrays and other reef species.

Hawaiian Ocean Theater #8

Located on a spectacular land parcel on Oahu, Sea Life Park Hawaii is home to an array of marine mammals and an interesting collection of aquarium exhibits. It also incorporates marine education and conservation efforts throughout each of its attractions. The Hawaiian Ocean Theater is a large glass tank where you can watch dolphins perform in an interactive environment.

Trainers explain the newest training techniques and share details about Sea Life Park’s ongoing conservation work. This theater is also home to a rare hybrid called “Wholphin,” the offspring of a false killer whale and a dolphin. The park’s whale-dolphin hybrid is the first of her kind.

In addition to these attractions, you can also take an underwater stroll through the Hawaiian Reef Tank, where you’ll encounter eels, stingrays and many other reef creatures. The tour teaches visitors about the importance of sustainable aquaculture and the impact over-harvesting has on reefs.

FAQs about Sea Life Park Hawaii

What are some interesting facts about Sea Life Park Hawaii?

Sea Life Park Hawaii is a marine mammal park, aquarium, and bird sanctuary located in Waimānalo, Hawaii. It opened in 1964 and is home to dolphins, sea lions, penguins, turtles, and sharks. The park is also famous for being the filming location of the popular TV show “Hawaii Five-O” and for its “Dolphin Swim Adventure” program.

How long do you need at Sea Life Park Hawaii?

The duration of a visit to Sea Life Park Hawaii may vary depending on your interests and the activities you choose. However, on average, visitors spend about 2-3 hours at the park to experience the main attractions, such as the dolphin and sea lion shows, the penguin habitat, and the aquarium. If you plan on participating in any interactive programs, you should allow for additional time.

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