Most Fascinating Places To Visit In Kingston, Canada

Kingston is one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation.  

Canada’s Penitentiary Museum

“Cedarhedge,” the former warden’s residence of Kingston Penitentiary, Canada’s Penitentiary Museum is one of Kingston’s most popular attractions.  

Fort Henry National Historic Site

Fort Henry National Historic Site is a popular tourist attraction in Kingston Canada that offers visitors a glimpse of 19th-century British military life. 

Kingston Waterfront 

Kingston is home to a number of attractions that will make your visit to the city memorable. 

Queens University

Queens University is a mid-sized university with several faculties, colleges and professional schools. It is a major research university in medicine 

Wolfe Islander III 

The Wolfe Islander III is a government-run ferry that runs from historic downtown Kingston to Wolfe Island.  

Kingston City Hall 

Kingston is a quaint and historic town, brimming with historical sites, museums and excursions.