The Most Restaurants In Salvador Brazil, For Delicious Food!

The food in Salvador is a true reflection of its unique history. With African, European and native ingredients 

Restaurante Mariposa Pelourinho

Restaurante Mariposa Pelourinho is one of the oldest and most appealing restaurants in the Algarve. 

Camarada Camarao – Shopping Barra – Bahia 

Salvador is the party capital of Brazil and a great place to celebrate the country’s most famous holiday, Carnaval.  

Sanctuarium Atelier Gourmet

The menu reflects the diversity of Brazil, and it’s a great place to savor the flavors of this country with family and friends. 

Camarao Vilas Restaurante

Camarao Vilas Restaurante is an excellent choice. It offers delicious meals and is also located close to attractions in Salvador. 

Reconcavo Culinaria Bar E Restaurante 

Located in the center of Salvador, Reconcavo is one of the best restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine.  

Camarada Camarao Salvador Shopping 

San Salvador is a shopping destination in its own right, with plenty of swanky boutiques, stylish malls and good food to boot.